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Baby and mother-friendly hospitals: All you need to know

Maternity hospitals are the essential stop for mother and baby in the labor and delivery journey. What are the criteria…
Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Drinks and Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnant women often wonder about their diet during pregnancy, and usually have questions such as: what are the foods to…

All you need to know about a baby’s circumcision

When a baby boy is born in some cultures, he usually undergoes a procedure known as circumcision. What is male…
Spotting during pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy: a detailed guide

Spotting during pregnancy and bleeding are very common, 25% of pregnant women experience some kind of spotting or bleeding during…

Episiotomy: The untold truth

Episiotomy is one of the interventions that might occur during vaginal delivery. Is this incision necessary all the time? Can…
hold your baby

How to hold your baby safely

Holding your baby might seem natural, easy, and does not require guidance and advice. But the truth is that many…