How can you get medical information and guidance?

If you are trying to get pregnant, or you are already pregnant or cruising through the world of baby care, you need information and guidance from trusted sources. You need all the help you can get during your journey through the deep seas of motherhood. Wouldn’t you love to have all your burning questions answered right away and in the privacy of your own home? Wouldn’t be great if you can get sound medical information and advice with just one click? Find out in this article, how and where you can get these amazing features.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Oct 19th 2022 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Where can you get medical information and guidance?

All the help you need at your fingertips

All the information you need on preparing for pregnancy, trying to conceive, stages of pregnancy, fetal development, labor and birth, postpartum care, and baby care is available through the first bundle of online video courses offered in Arabic through the Omooma platform. Omooma offers many online video courses offered by doctors and experts. For the first time in the Arab world, we are offering a comprehensive bundle of courses that covers all the topics related to women’s health, motherhood, and baby care. We called this valuable bundle the Golden Bundle to highlight its value. This amazing bundle comes with the unique opportunity to chat, ask questions, and receive guidance from an expert in women and baby care anytime and from anywhere.

Who is our resident expert chatting with you?

The Omooma family just grew with the joining of the Midwife Waed Abujoudeh. Waed holds several academic degrees in midwifery and medical care for women and infants. In addition to several years of professional experience in hospitals in Jordan and the UAE. She also holds a great passion for helping women through all the stages of their motherhood journey.

When you purchase the golden bundle from Omooma you will have access to direct chat and conversation with Waed where you can ask her all your questions and share all your concerns to get the proper answers and guidance.

What guidance you will get from the chat feature?

Guidance while trying to conceive

From your first steps on the motherhood path, while trying to conceive you will need medical information and guidance about your periodovulation, fertility, reproductive health, and mental and emotional health for you and your husband during this important stage. You will have dozens of questions and queries, and you would want to get out of the confusion caused by contradictory information donated by everyone around you, and that is coming from unreliable online sources.

Guidance during pregnancy

While pregnant you will need someone to hold your hand, guide you, and reassure you with sound advice to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. You will need a constant source to answer your questions between your prenatal visits. You will need information on pregnancy symptomspregnancy cravings, fetal development, your nutrition during pregnancy, your emotional and mental health, and your marriage life, you need information provided by trustworthy experts.

Medical information and advice on childbirth

Giving birth is what worries expecting moms the most. It is an unknown territory that has been long tainted in popular culture with pain, screaming, and crying. However, this miracle can be a stress-free and beautiful experience if you are prepared with the right information and if you are guided by medical experts. Your postpartum doesn’t need to be hard either, these weeks can be great if you have proper guidance.

Guidance on baby care

This tiny creature you can easily hold with your hands has many needs, and there is a great deal of knowledge you need to acquire to care for him. You will be lost in your first weeks postpartum in the avalanche of contradicting information offered by friends and relatives. Therefore, you need appropriate medical guidance and a trustworthy companion to help you on this trip.

Prioritize your health and your peace of mind and get the Golden bundle today!

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul HaijaHead of Content in Omooma

Nauras is a mother of three, and the Head of Content of Omooma platform. She holds a master’s degree in French language and literature from the USA. She studied French following her passion for languages, she speaks 6 languages, 4 of them fluently. Before dedicating her career to creating and Marketing content, her professional experience included secondary education, higher education, translation, editing, writing, and managing web content. She has a great interest in all topics concerning motherhood and raising children, with a special passion for education.

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