10 Tips for Easier Traveling with Children

Traveling with children can be challenging, especially with infants, but with proper preparation, you can ensure a smooth, enjoyable trip without depriving yourself of the fun. Follow this guide to learn how to prepare for a stress-free and enjoyable family trip.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Nov 26th 2023 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
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Tips for Easier Traveling with Children

Create an Itinerary

Whether on a sightseeing trip or visiting family, thorough preparation is key. Plan your daily itinerary and make reservations for hotels and different activities if you have specific activities in mind. Opt for flexible bookings to accommodate any unexpected changes. This step will reduce stress and minimize unpleasant surprises.

Set Realistic Expectations

Don't be swayed by Instagram videos showcasing celebrities' or friends' trips. Social media often embellishes reality. High expectations can lead to stress and disappointment when traveling with kids. Set realistic expectations that suit your family, and always look for activities your family can enjoy without trying to imitate others.

Maintain Routine as Much as Possible

Of course, you know how cranky a restless child is due to lack of sleep or missed nap time! Plan your travel when your child is most comfortable to avoid unnecessary stress. If you travel by car, consider driving when children are more likely to fall asleep at night. While staying up to have some alone time with your husband after the kids are asleep is tempting, make sure not to stay up for too long and to get enough rest to wake up energized for the next day.

Preparation is Key

Ensure you and your children's essentials are packed well in advance. Purchase travel necessities like a stroller and a comfortable and safe car seat for your child, especially for car travel. A baby carrier can be your best companion during trips with an infant. Ensure your diaper bag is stocked with your child's essentials, including sufficient diapers, wet wipes, entertaining toys, and baby food if needed. A pacifier, enough milk bottles, fun toys, and other necessary items for the journey. If your child is still in diapers, pack enough supplies to change them comfortably. Include a thermometer and appropriate fever medication in your travel kit if your child develops a fever during the trip.

Task Distribution

Before heading to the airport, distribute tasks among yourself, your husband, and your children according to their ages. If your children are old enough to carry their bags, encourage them to do so while promoting a sense of responsibility. Don't play the role of a superhero mom; ask for help from your husband whenever possible to reduce stress and fatigue during the trip.

Preparing for Ear Discomfort

Take precautions for potential ear discomfort during takeoff and landing, especially for infants. Experts recommend feeding or breastfeeding your baby during these times to alleviate ear pressure. If your child is school-aged, consider giving them gum to chew. This simple jaw movement helps equalize ear pressure.

Packing Smartly

Don't limit the number of bags, even if you haven't reached the maximum allowed weight. Distribute your child's clothes among several bags to have some spare items in case one bag is delayed. This precaution is particularly useful during holiday seasons when delays are expected.

Choosing Plane Seats Wisely

Your priorities change when traveling with children. Opt for seats at the back of the passenger cabin if your child is over six months old. This proximity to the restroom makes it easier to change diapers or accompany a child to the bathroom, which may happen several times during the trip. Being close to the flight crew is also beneficial if you need assistance. If traveling with an older child, choose an aisle seat to avoid inconveniencing the passenger next to you when you need to stand up with your child. For infants under six months, book seats at the front of the cabin and request the airplane bassinet from the crew.

Visit the Pediatrician

Before traveling with children, especially infants, visit the pediatrician to check on their health and confirm their vaccinations are up to date. If your child experiences motion sickness in cars, ask the pediatrician for anti-nausea medication. Inform the pediatrician of your destination and request medical advice to help you have a fun and safe vacation with your child.

Take Deep Breaths

Whether you're on a family vacation or visiting relatives, it's essential not to stress or worry, especially when your child cries, which is normal and natural. Don't overly concern yourself with others' reactions; everyone understands children cry. Your calmness will positively influence your children and husband, creating a positive atmosphere for an enjoyable and peaceful trip for everyone.

Remember, thorough planning and a positive mindset are your best allies when traveling with children. Enjoy the journey and create lasting memories with your family!


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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
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