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This ultimate motherhood bundle combines all of our online video courses, from pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and babycare.

  • 324 videos from medical experts
  • 1179 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by 15 Medical Experts
  • Arabic, English
  • play-button One month access

This ultimate motherhood bundle combines our most popular courses, from fertility and planning your pregnancy, to fetal development in pregnancy trimesters, to childbirth, postpartum and babycare, including breastfeeding, newborn sleep, solid foods, baby baths, and more.

Find answers to the following
  • 1What is the effect of weight & sleep on fertility?
  • 2What are the important vitamins and nutrients for you and your fetus?
  • 3What are the tips for dental care during pregnancy?
  • 4What are the exercises for the third trimester of pregnancy?
  • 5How to avoid risks to my pregnancy?
  • 6What are the natural ways to relieve the pain of childbirth?
  • 7What are the complications from postpartum infection?
  • 8How to care for your baby's umbilical cord?
  • 9What is your best diet during breastfeeding?
  • 10How to identify your baby's hunger cues?
  • 11How to establish a bedtime routine?
  • 12Solid foods: What is daily feeding schedule?
  • 13What are the tips and toys to develop baby's skills?
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Infant CPR

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Ratings & reviews
Malak Ahmad

I need a lot of information about pregnancy, birth, and baby care. So I found that this bundle is the best option. I got all the courses for a great discounted price. I can watch them any time on my o...

Dalia Ziad

I was confused which course to buy, and I felt that they are all important, and useful. I found that the price for all the courses grouped in this bundle is much cheaper than buying individual courses...

Shamma Mbarak

Each course available on Omooma is important and useful. I feel they are all essential for any first-time mom. I got all the courses that include information from experts for a great price.

Shireen Abdallah

Instead of buying a new course every few months, I found that the best option is to buy all of them at once for a discounted price. This way, I have access to information from experts from the time I ...

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