Best travel destinations for families

Summer vacation is around the corner, and when kids have school break and mommy and daddy get to take their annual leaves, there is nothing better to do than take a family trip. Traveling anywhere is amazing, but traveling with kids needs special preparations, such as picking the destination. If you didn’t book your tickets for the summer, read on to see the destinations that families around the world love.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Jun 11th 2023 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Tips for a successful family trip

  • Plan early.
  • Book your tickets during sales and special promotions.
  • Book your hotels and local trips.
  • Make a list of pre-travel essentials.
  • Use a baby carrier with your baby.
  • Don’t forget the travel stroller.
  • Take a deep breath and remember children are children all over the world, no matter how much your kids, cry, make a mess, or a fuss just enjoy your trip.

Best travel destinations for families in 2023


We didn’t want to say the UK because we will need 5 articles, so we will only tell you about this amazing capital. In addition to the numerous historical sites like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, your kids will love the vast number of museums that offer several interactive experiences. Families love cruises on the Themes and seeing the British capital from the amazing London Eye. If your children are Harry Potter fans, they will love touring the sets and filming locations of the movies loved by everyone.  



Families of different nationalities adore visiting Jordan, for the hospitality and warmth they are received with. According to Arab traditions, this is how guests are greeted. In addition to that families love Jordan for the multiple activities they can do there; from visiting Petra the pink city, one of the modern wonders of the world, to camping in the magical Wadi Rum, the set of many Hollywood movies. Star gazing in Rum during summer nights is an amazing experience. There is also diving in the red sea off the shores of Aqaba, and enjoying the coral reefs. Kids adore floating in the extremely salty Dead Sea. And finally, there is the beautiful Amman where families enjoy different shopping and dining experiences in addition to several architectural sites.



Who doesn’t love Dubai, the city of glamour, and architectural wonders, that magically mixes a futuristic style with the pure Arab spirit of the land? Beautiful and safe beaches, various indoor theme parks, ideal during the hot summer months, and excellent malls that host various shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences. In addition to, of course, The Dubai Fountain, the one we are never tired of. There is also the most recent Dubai monument, The Museum of The Future, where families have great times. The main reason Dubai is a preferred travel destination by families is safety, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world.

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Pizza, Pasta, and Gelato are not the only reasons families love traveling to Italy for. This country is filled with various historical sites, and special architecture, in addition to diverse scenery varying from beaches to mountains and picturesque countryside. Whether you go to Rome for the history, shopping, and food or a surreal experience in Venice, the floating city, or to breathtaking Tuscany we guarantee you will have a great family vacation.


The Greek Islands

From Cret to Saronic to Sporades, go on a trip like the ones taken by heroes of Greek Mythology. Enjoy with your family the magic scenery, the beautiful beaches, and the endless historical sites. The Islands are the home to some of the best family-friendly resorts, which offer kids-friendly activities and cruises. On your way back spend a few days in the world’s largest open museum also known as Athens the capital of Greece.


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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
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