Why do you need motherhood training?

The blessing of becoming a mother, one of the greatest joys in a woman’s life, has always been perceived as something natural and instinctive, that doesn’t require any training or formation. All that a woman needs is some guidance and advice from other women who walked this path before her. So, why all these books and courses about pregnancy, birth, baby care, and parenting? Didn’t our mothers and grandmothers do it without any preparation? So, why do you need the training to become a mother?

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Mar 7th 2022 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
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How to prepare for motherhood and why you need training

Inherited advice

We can’t deny the importance of a support system for a woman at any stage in her life, especially during the pre-pregnancy phase, pregnancy trimesters, childbirth, and while caring for a newborn. The circle of loving and trusted women surrounding a woman formed by her mother, mother-in-law, sister, friend, and colleague is the rock that provides her support when life weighs down on her. It is a loving and helpful entourage that is unfortunately not enough to provide the needed training in the field of motherhood. 

Why are these sources insufficient?

  • Those women might not have ALL the information you need during the journey of motherhood.
  • Trying to conceive is a very challenging experience. There are medical challenges as well as emotional challenges that a woman undergoes. Besides, it is a very private phase in a couple’s life, which makes it difficult to talk about with family and friends or receive advice and suggestions from them.
  • Many other topics surrounding motherhood are considered taboo or can not be discussed with ease among family members or friends.
  • Medical research and scientific discoveries are constantly advancing and changing, so you might not find precise information during a coffee morning with friends.
  • Breastfeeding is much more than an infant latching onto his mother’s breast. There are many challenges, questions, and misconceptions about it that require you to be trained by a professional.
  • Medical recommendations regarding infant care are continuously updated, based on the most recent scientific discoveries. So, our circle of “other mothers” who had their babies years ago might not be up to date on these recommendations.

Why is motherhood training needed?

  • If you want to have a stress-free preconception phase while having all the medical information you need provided by experts.
  • To be aware of what is happening inside you while pregnant and how your baby is developing. And to be able to care for your health and the health of the fetus, while fully prepared with the most recent medical recommendations away from old wives’ tales.
  • To learn more about sexual and reproductive health from experts in the medical field.
  • To be fully prepared physically and psychologically for childbirth. And to know more about any challenges you might face to better overcome them based on experts’ advice.
  • To properly care for your newborn, to learn about infant bathing, swaddling, sleep, and baby carrying.
  • Because you are the hero of the epic motherhood story, your mental and emotional health are key to your happiness. Therefore, you need to be educated about all aspects of mental health; how hormones affect your mood, pregnancy blues, and postpartum depression. To be better equipped to face such challenges you need training.
  • Because you are a modern woman, seeking perfection in everything, and because you realize the importance of education and knowledge, you need motherhood training.

The Omooma platform is your perfect destination for training and your trusted companion in your journey in the realm of motherhood. Through our young platform, you will receive the best educational content provided by top experts in all fields related to your upcoming adventure in motherhood.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul HaijaHead of Content in Omooma

Nauras is a mother of three, and the Head of Content of Omooma platform. She holds a master’s degree in French language and literature from the USA. She studied French following her passion for languages, she speaks 6 languages, 4 of them fluently. Before dedicating her career to creating and Marketing content, her professional experience included secondary education, higher education, translation, editing, writing, and managing web content. She has a great interest in all topics concerning motherhood and raising children, with a special passion for education.

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