5 Reasons that Make the UAE Ideal for Families

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a remarkable country that has achieved a lot in the past half-century, successfully overcoming many challenges. It's a preferred destination for families from all around the world, not just for tourism but also for residing. In this article, we'll highlight the key reasons that make the UAE an ideal place for families.

Published on:Nov 13th 2023 |Updated on:Apr 10th 2024
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Some of the reasons that make the UAE ideal for families

Safety and Security

Safety and security are blessings that should never be taken for granted. Just watching a single news bulletin can remind us that many countries across the globe lack this essential aspect. The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world, with an extremely low crime rate, and in many cities, crime is virtually non-existent. Women in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the country feel secure that they can venture out alone or with their children at any time of day or night. I've never felt as safe as I do in the UAE, so I can leave my bag unattended while shopping or my laptop in a café without worry. I've never seen a place anywhere in the world where people can leave their mobile phones and bags and be confident they won't be stolen, except in the UAE.

Cultural Diversity

One of the most significant advantages of raising children in the UAE is the rich and diverse cultural society. Children in the UAE don't need to travel a lot to experience the world; it is all around them. Their neighbors might be from Brazil and Indonesia, their schoolteachers from South Africa and Ireland, and their classmates from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Colombia. This incredible diversity makes anyone living in the UAE feel at home, thanks to the warmth and generosity of the country and its people.

Healthcare System

The healthcare sector in the UAE has rapidly evolved in the last two decades, competing with the best healthcare systems in the world. The UAE's healthcare sector even outperformed many countries in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, with one of the lowest global mortality rates and excellent care for those affected. There are numerous hospitals and medical centers that provide top-notch medical care, staffed by highly skilled doctors and healthcare experts.

Education System

The UAE upholds the highest standards in its various educational institutions, from kindergartens and nurseries to universities and prestigious research centers, with global recognition. Families prefer to reside in the UAE because it's easy to find excellent schools and universities for their children.


From beautiful beaches and parks to year-round festivals and numerous theme parks spread across the country, there's never a dull moment in the UAE. Safe and diverse entertainment for children and families is one of the main reasons why families prefer to live in the UAE.


We wish the UAE, the land of generosity and safety, more prosperity and to continue to be the preferred destination for all families.


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