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Smile dear, we have great news for you! Omooma is now offering entertaining, educational, fun, and free YouTube episodes to accompany you on your path through womanhood. Find out more about our recently launched YouTube segments.

Published on:Nov 10th 2022 |Updated on:Jun 10th 2024
برامج يوتيوب أمومة

What is Omooma offering on YouTube?

We have recently launched new free episodes on our YouTube channel, offering important information on women’s health in a fun and entertaining way. The segment is titled “معقولة؟” which means “can it be true?” In this fun-filled segment, several important and sensitive topics are discussed.

In this YouTube show, several participants from different parts of the Arab world compete to test their knowledge about issues related to women, by sampling and asking, “can it be true?” or not!

Does the husband experience pregnancy symptoms with his pregnant wife?

Can the fetus smell inside the uterus?

Is the pregnant woman’s heart bigger than the heart of other women?

Does flexibility decrease during pregnancy?

And many other interesting questions, along with attempted answers from women and men as well.

Here is a good one: Have you ever wished that your husband can feel the same period pains as you do? Watch our episodes and see how men handle period pain. How do you think they took the pain? Watch and see them take the pain as men!

In another episode, you can watch reactions from the participants to actual birthing videos. The reactions were unexpected!

The latest episode tests the knowledge of men and women about products that women use during pregnancy and motherhood.

You can also watch the Omooma podcast episodes on YouTube now. This heart-to-heart encounter is the long-awaited window for women to talk freely about their experiences, and feelings without shame, guilt, or embarrassment.

In the first episode of the Omooma Podcast, we learn the story of our own Sarah, who tells us her brave experience as a single mom of four children and her difficult but inspiring story of carrying and giving birth to her lovely triplets.

The second episode features a brave warrior who fought breast cancer with a powerful weapon which is family love.

The podcast will host many more brave and inspirational women who will gracefully share their experiences to inspire others.

Our YouTube will also have a Q&A segment that will feature the most burning questions women have and the answers provided by experts.

We aim to entertain, educate, and empower. Through knowledge, you will have more confidence and you will be able to balance your body, mind, and soul to live the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Watch our episodes now on the link below


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