HPV vaccine: the complete story

Cervical cancer is among the cancers largely affecting women and girls. The Human papillomavirus, HPV is one of the main causes of this cancer. Studies have shown that the HPV vaccine is highly effective in protecting against this virus. Is the vaccine safe? Should you give it to your daughter? Find out more in this article.

Published on:May 7th 2023 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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How is HPV transmitted?

Several variants of this virus are transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is often transmitted from men to women. In 95% of cases contracting this virus will lead to cervical cancer. Studies showed that the vaccine protects against most of these variants and decreases the chance of getting cervical cancer. It also protects against genital warts and vaginal cancer.

HPV prevention steps

  • Get pre-marital tests done including tests for all STDs.
  • Practice safe sex within marriage only.
  • Get regular pap smears.

Who can get the HPV vaccine?

In the United States and Europe, the vaccine is given to males and females starting age 9, it is considered one of the school vaccinations in many countries. It is also given to women and girls of different ages. Recently the vaccine is being given in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and several Arab countries, due to its proven effectiveness in protecting against several STDs and reducing the risk of cervical cancer. It is noteworthy that you should always consult your Gynecologist and have tests done before getting the vaccine.

Side effects of the HPV vaccine

Studies and medical research have shown that this vaccine is safe and doesn’t cause any long-term health issues. The most common side effects are:

  • Pain and mild swelling in the injection site.
  • Dizziness and fainting, it is recommended to sit for 15 minutes after getting the vaccine to avoid falling.
  • Headache.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Tiredness and weakness.

The vaccine is continuously monitored by the FDA, and many health authorities around the world to track any possible side effects.

Should you give the vaccine to your daughter?

There is a lot of chatter among moms about this vaccine, some say we live in conservative societies and the risk of contracting STDs is minimal! When deciding over giving this vaccine or any other inoculation to our children, one must act after consulting doctors and checking medical data coming from trusted sources, and not follow rumors and misconceptions to ensure taking the right decision.

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