Should you use a douche for intimate hygiene?

Intimate douches are among the most controversial feminine products; therefore, I will shed the light in this article on the basics of feminine hygiene and will answer the most frequently asked questions about using a douche.

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Karine Chahda
Published on:Apr 10th 2023 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Vaginal hygiene

The vagina has a PH level between 3.8 to 5. During puberty and youth when the woman is most fertile it can reach 4.5. The vaginal PH level is of paramount importance to the woman’s reproductive and sexual health, hence the importance of avoiding anything that can alter it.

Does the douche affect the vaginal PH?

Using a vaginal douche affects the acidity level of the vagina, affecting the growth of good bacteria known as Lactobacillus which helps a huge role in protecting the vagina from harmful bacteria. Intimate douches must be used only according to a medical recommendation, even when your doctor recommends it, you should only use it no more than three times a week and never inside the vagina. Water and soap are enough to clean the private area and maintain feminine hygiene.

The effect of douching on your private area

  • Increase in harmful bacteria due to changing the vaginal environment.
  • Itching.
  • Redness.
  • Vaginal infections.
  • Increase in vaginal dryness, especially during menopause.

Steps to treat vaginal infections

  • See your doctor to get an evaluation and a treatment plan.
  • Consume probiotic-rich foods and supplements.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and underwear for a long time and wear comfortable clothes and cotton underwear.
  • Eat yogurt to help restore the vaginal flora.
  • Keep the private area dry, to avoid fungal infections.

The feminine douche and the baby’s gender

There are many folk tales about using a vaginal douche to choose the baby’s gender. Like using an acidic douche if you want to conceive a girl and an alkaline one to conceive a boy. Some women would use vinegar, or a baking soda solution to wash their vagina which causes burns and blistering.

It is noteworthy that during intercourse when sperms enter the vagina the alkaline level increases making the environment fit to conceive. For some women, however, this doesn’t happen naturally, therefore they need to see a fertility specialist to treat this issue.

Ladies, your vagina isn’t supposed to smell like flowers, just maintain your hygiene, and wash with water and natural soaps to stay fresh all the time.

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Karine ChahdaMidwife Nurse

A new mom and Licenced Midwife, she holds a degree from the Lebanese University. Karine worked in the NICU unit at St. George University Hospital in Beirut. Then, she worked as a Midwife in the same hospital for five years. She joined the maternity ward at Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi in 2021. Karine has a great passion for her role as a Midwife; she believes it is a blessing from God to witness the miracle of life born from another life. She thinks nothing is more beautiful than witnessing this miracle daily through her work. Karine believes that each of us has a specific role in life. She sees her role not as a job but as a vocation where she can assist others, and she is grateful for this blessing.

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