Flat Head Syndrome: causes and Treatments

Your baby’s birth is one of the most joyous moments in a family’s life. It is the source of happiness for the entire family. Nevertheless, there are details about this bundle of joy that can worry the parents, such as the birth of a baby with a flat head. More on the flat head syndrome in babies, the causes, and treatments in this article.

Published on:May 14th 2023 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
متلازمة الرأس المسطح

What is a flat head syndrome?

This is a syndrome where the newborn’s head stays flat from the back or sides even after six months of birth. This is caused by the softness of the bones in the infant’s skull, which allows the passing through the birth canal.


  • Baby sleep position is the most common cause of this syndrome, especially when the baby is put to sleep on his or her back to avoid SIDS this causes extra pressure on the skull causing it to flatten over time.
  • The baby spends too much time laying on the back while in the car seat, bouncer, or swing.
  • The flat head syndrome can occur during preterm labor, as premature babies have a softer skull than babies born at full term. Premature babies tend to rest their heads on one side, due to their inability to move their heads on their own.
  • Pressure on the fetus’s head inside the womb due to multiple pregnancies, or lack of amniotic fluid.
  • Neck muscle spasm prevents the baby from turning dead putting pressure on one side more.


Flat head syndrome is diagnosed through physical examination, the baby can give a diagnosis just by looking at the baby’s head without the need for further medical tests.

Treatment options for the flat head syndrome

  • Adjusting sleep positions

Keep putting your baby on his or her back when sleeping, but make sure you alternate the position of the baby’s head position while in the crib.

  • Holding the baby

Hold your baby upright, when awake to release some pressure off the head, you can also use a baby carrier or put him in a bouncing chair or swing. You can also alternate the holding positions on your arm while bottle feeding or breastfeeding your little one.

  • Belly time

Put your baby on his or her belly on a hard surface while under your supervision while playing.

  • Physical therapy

This therapy includes exercises that strengthen the neck muscles and change the baby’s preferred head position. These sessions are done at a specialist’s office, along with massage techniques done by the mom upon the doctor’s recommendations.

  • Helmets

If all the above recommendations don’t work after six months, the doctor may recommend wearing a helmet that reduces pressure on the flattened side of the baby’s head to reshape the baby’s head/

Dear mommy, don’t worry flat head syndrome won’t affect the baby’s brain development, it is a mild condition that can be treated. Just monitor your baby’s growth and development, breastfeed your baby and provide healthy nutrition and always reach out to your pediatrician with any questions or concerns. 

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