Babycare bundle


A guide through the first year of your baby’s life from the first few minutes after birth, including breastfeeding, health and vaccines, calming a crying baby, baby bathing, stages of the baby’s growth, baby sleep, and the best baby food.

  • 95 videos from medical experts
  • 255 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by 10 Medical Experts
  • Arabic, English
  • play-button One month access

Save more with this bundle that will guide you through the first year of your baby’s life. You will get an abundance of knowledge about caring for your little one from the first few minutes after birth, till the very first steps. Our experts will provide information about breastfeeding, caring for the baby’s health, and the infant’s vaccines. You will get advice on calming a crying baby, baby bathing, and holding the baby properly. You will also learn in detail about the stages of the baby’s growth. You will find out the latest medical recommendations about baby sleep, and the best baby food.

Find answers to the following
  • 1What are the baby's first medical tests and vaccines?
  • 2How can I care for the baby’s umbilical cord stump?
  • 3How to massage the baby? How to calm a crying baby?
  • 4What is infant reflux and how to treat it?
  • 5How can I perform Infant CPR?
  • 6What is the effect of music on babies?
  • 7How to Breastfeed in the first hour after birth?
  • 8What is the correct latch? Is my baby is getting enough milk?
  • 9How to store and heat breast milk?
  • 10What is the best feeding schedule for babies?
  • 11What are the foods that can cause allergies?
  • 12What are the common sleep disorders and how to overcome them?
  • 13What are the most significant developmental milestones in the first year?
  • 14How can I help build my baby's muscles?
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Infant CPR

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Ratings & reviews
Enjy Waleed

If I listened to my mother and mother-in-law, my son would have been in the hospital. But thank God I bought this bundle of courses that has everything on how to care for a baby, with information from...

Rania Mohammad

I will have my baby, and there is no one around me from my friends and family. I have one thousand questions, about the baby’s sleep and all aspects of baby care. This bundle saved me and taught me ev...

Faten Ali

This bundle is a must-have for any new mom, it saves from listening to incorrect information, and makes caring for a newborn much easier.

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