Your guide on how to choose a baby crib

Are you expecting a baby and already feeling overwhelmed with all the baby essentials you need to buy? The baby crib must be the first item on your list, but you probably don’t know how to choose the best baby crib for your baby, especially with so many options in baby stores and online. Don’t stress about it, we are with you all the way and we will help you in picking a safe and comfortable baby crib.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Apr 5th 2023 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
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 Tips when buying a baby crib

  • Buy a new crib.

Don’t buy a used crib for your baby, the safety standards of baby sleep are constantly updated, and crib manufacturers abide by them. Therefore, if you must buy a used one make sure it has been manufactured recently, and that it is in good condition to conform to the recent safety standards.

  • Pick a crib with fixed sides

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently recommended only putting a baby to sleep in a crib with fixed sides, to protect infants from falling during their sleep.

  • Check the bars

The distance between the crib bars must not exceed two to three inches to prevent the baby’s head from being stuck between them.

  • Buy a safe crib

Make sure that your little one bed doesn’t contain any sharp edges, visible pins, or screws that might harm your baby.

  • Watch out for other details

The baby’s mattress and sheets are equally important, make sure to pick a firm mattress that fills the entire sleep space in the crib, to protect the baby from getting stuck in any empty spaces. Choose only the fitted sheets that are the same size as the mattress, there shouldn’t be any loose bedding in your baby’s bed.

Types of cribs

  • The standard crib

The most popular type of crib is preferred by moms worldwide. It is a simple four-sided baby bed with fixed sides and railings for perfect protection. You can adjust the height of the mattress in this type of crib to suit all your little one’s growth stages. Usually, these cribs are made from wood or any other solid material, that is safe and can hold your baby as his or her weight increases.

  • The adjustable crib

It is a baby crib that can host your baby, until nursery or even preschool age. These beds are made from solid materials, that are easy to assemble and adjust. You can adjust this crib as your little one grows. Often these cribs are more expensive, and yet they remain a comfortable and economical option, as they will spare you from buying a new crib every year, and the burden of getting rid of the crib your child just outgrew.

  • The side crib

This is the latest trend in baby beds. This choice will give you the best options: you will put your baby to sleep safely in a separate bed and keep him or her close to you to be able to easily breastfeed at night. Several good and safe products are available in baby stores and online websites.

  • The travel crib

These cribs are perfect for family trips, and also for daily naps if you want your baby close to you while you move around the house. These cribs are lightweight, easy to fold and carry, they are also perfect play pins.

Which baby crib is the best?

The best crib is:

  1. The one you can afford.
  2. The baby crib can fit in your room, baby nursery, and your house in general.
  3. The crib that is conforming to the latest international safety and quality standards.

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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
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