A vaginal delivery or c-section? Who decides?

Your baby can come into this world either through a vaginal delivery or a c-section. But who can decide which choice is the best one? More on these options in this article.

Published on:Mar 31st 2023 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Benefits of vaginal delivery

  • Shorter hospital stay

You can leave the maternity hospital after a day or two when you have a vaginal delivery. However, you might have to stay up to five days if you deliver via a c-section. You can resume your regular activities after six weeks of the vaginal delivery, while if you have a c-section you will need up to ten weeks to be fully recovered and able to resume activities.

  • Less cost

To perform a c-section there is a need for an operating theatre, an anesthesiologist, and other medical staff more than the ones needed for a vaginal delivery. Therefore, a c-section is more expensive even while having a good health insurance plan.

  • Fewer risks of infections

As with any other surgery, there is a risk of infection when you have a c-section. This risk is minimal and almost non-existent in a vaginal birth.

  • Fewer complications

A woman having a vaginal birth is less prone to health issues, and complications during her next pregnancy and has a greater chance of having a second vaginal delivery.

  • Stronger immunity

Some medical studies have shown that babies born through vaginal deliveries have stronger immunity from illness, and have fewer medical problems, compared to those born through a c-section.

Benefits of a c-section

  • Shorter birth

The different stages of labor can last long hours, while a c-section is done in minutes, and the mom doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort during it.

  • No vaginal injury

During vaginal labor, there might be a chance of vaginal tears, or the doctor might need to do an episiotomy. Which causes pain postpartum, and the mom will need more time to recover. But this doesn’t happen during a c-section.

  • Lower risk of fetal injury

If the delivery is complicated the baby might suffer an injury while the doctor is trying to take him or her out of the birth canal. These risks are fewer in a cesarean birth.

Cases when a c-section is inevitable

The benefits of a vaginal birth outweigh the risks, but there are certain cases where a c-section is a must such as:

  • If the mom is older than 35 years and has health issues.
  • Multiple pregnancies.
  • If the mom has preeclampsia or any other complication.
  • If the baby is in distress and must be delivered fast.

Who can decide which option is best?

 If there is a choice to be made it is up to the expecting mom to make it after consulting with her doctor and she is made aware of the pros and cons of each choice. Then she can make an educated decision based on what she thinks is best for her and her baby.


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