7 Steps to beat feeling lonely

A mom holds an unlimited amount of energy, love that is enough for the entire universe, and an avalanche of feelings, that range from simple to complex. One of the feelings that mothers experience during parenthood, especially expat moms is feeling lonely. In this article, I will talk about the reasons mothers feel lonely very often, and about the effect of this feeling on their mental health. In addition to practical and easy steps to help moms overcome this feeling.

Marwa Ghazzawi  Certified Parent Coach
Marwa Ghazzawi
Published on:Feb 21st 2023 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
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Why do moms feel lonely despite being among people?

Feeling alone despite being surrounded by people, is a very common feeling among mothers especially if they are expats. The reasons behind this are:

·       Feeling tired and exhausted without asking for help.

·       Being a new mom and losing the previous life routine.

·       Not connecting with friends, nor freely expressing feelings.

·       Missing the pre-motherhood life.

·       Feeling distant from friends who are not moms or not married yet.

·       Having new relationships that are imposed on you as a new mom.

·       Not having a connection that serves your needs, although you are not alone and there are people around you.

·       Being a single mom.

·       If you are a mom of a special needs child, without having someone to share your experience with.

·       Becoming a housewife after being a working woman.

The effect on moms’ mental health

·       Losing connection with your child.

·       Having negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings.

·       New behavior during pregnancy, especially if it was a challenging and high-risk pregnancy.

·       Developing postpartum depression, due to changes in the previous routine, losing personal time, and not being able to manage time and new responsibilities.

Steps to beat feeling lonely

1.    Connecting with friends, and spending quality time with them.

2.    Expressing feelings to a trusted person or a professional like a life coach or a mental health expert.

3.    Delegate and ask for help.

4.    Accepting not being perfect.

5.    Walking outside daily.

6.    Counting blessings, write down your blessings no matter how small they are.

7.    Make me time a priority.


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Marwa Ghazzawi  Certified Parent Coach
Marwa Ghazzawi Certified Parent Coach

Marwa Ghazzawi Certified Parent Coach, and a mother of two boys Taim and Hassan. She is the founder of The_wonder_mum platform on Instagram. Marwa offers individual and group coaching to mothers and fathers. She focuses in her coaching on the strong points of the parents and the children, to use them to overcome their daily challenges, using Appreciative Inquiry and NLP. She works with parents through the coaching sessions to help them set their parenting goals and sets a weekly follow-up plan.

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