Skin problems during pregnancy and how to overcome them

Hormonal changes that an expecting mother goes through, have a great impact on her skin, and even on the way she sees herself. In this article, I will talk about the most common skin problems faced by pregnant women, and how to avoid and treat them.

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Sep 22nd 2022
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Common skin problems during pregnancy

- Hyperpigmentation

- Dryness

- Acne and pimples

Causes of pregnancy-related skin problems

- Hormonal Changes

These changes that occur during pregnancy, are the internal and main cause of most skin issues faced during pregnancy. It is noteworthy that your skin will need a few months postpartum to recover from the effects of pregnancy.

- Sun rays

60% of skin problems faced by pregnant women, like pigmentation and dryness, are caused by the sun. Therefore, sun protection is crucial during pregnancy. Make sure to always use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. Even if you are used to a certain sunscreen when you use it for the first time during pregnancy make sure to test it on your hand first. Your skin might react differently to it while pregnant.

Pregnancy skincare routine

A pregnancy skincare routine is not much different from your regular skin routine. However, there are some active ingredients in your regular skin care products that you can not use while pregnant. Therefore, you must consult a skin specialist and your OBGYN. You need to avoid products containing growth factors and chemical peels.

Pro Tip!

Don’t feel bad for not using your beloved skin products, that you can’t use while pregnant. Put them in a zip bag and store them in your fridge for up to two years! You can use them again when they become safe once more, after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Safe common ingredients to use during pregnancy

- Hyaluronic Acid

That is used to treat skin dryness.

- Low percentage vitamin C serum

- Lactic Acid 3% or lower.

- Glycolic Acid 2% or lower, to treat acne and pimples in oily skin.

Skincare and water

Experts agree that drinking water doesn’t have a direct impact on skin health. But drinking enough water is the main way to internally hydrate. It is an essential factor impacting the health of our digestive system, kidneys, and our overall health. The health of your body reflects on your face, so water does have an impact on our skin even if it is not a direct one. Therefore, pregnant women need to drink enough water to ensure their health, the health of their babies, and the health of their skin.

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