Is hair color safe during pregnancy?

Coloring your hair during pregnancy is one of the confusing things to think about. As much as you want to change your hair color, and have a new look, you are worried about the effect of the chemicals on your baby. We did thorough research in medical articles, and the classes offered by experts on Omooma and summed everything in this article.

Mar 5th 2023
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Is hair color safe during pregnancy?

There is no medical evidence of harm to the pregnancy or the fetus, however, there are certain precautions to be taken into consideration before coloring hair during pregnancy.

Guidelines for hair coloring during pregnancy

1- Wait until the second trimester

Although there is no evidence that hair color is harmful during the first trimester, doctors recommend waiting until after the thirteenth week of pregnancy to color your hair. By then you will start feeling better and the early symptoms of pregnancy would have subsided.

2- Choose a safer product

It is recommended to choose a hair color that is free from any harmful ingredients, and that doesn’t irritate the skin or affect your breathing. Choose a product that is plant-based like Henna, there are several ingredients to add to Henna to get a nice color, such as ground coffee, ground turmeric, hibiscus tea, or pomegranate peals.

3- Color your hair in a well-ventilated place

Apply hair dye on your hair in a well-ventilated place, so that you won’t be bothered by the chemical fumes. Some expecting mothers become more sensitive to smells, they might even develop a respiratory allergy. Hence the importance of proper ventilation when applying hair dye during pregnancy.

4- Do a skin patch test

Even if you applied the same hair dye before, a pregnant woman’s skin is usually more sensitive, and you might get a reaction from the hair dye. Therefore, apply a small amount on your hair, wait a few minutes then apply the whole amount, to avoid a severe allergic reaction.

5-Avoid coloring your hair roots if possible

If this is an option, it is recommended not to apply the hair coloring products directly on the roots of the hair and the scalp. There is a possibility that your skin might absorb the chemicals in the hair dye. Although there is no scientific evidence of any harm, you can never be too cautious. You can apply color to your hair directly, or get some highlights, without applying chemicals on the scalp for more peace of mind.

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