What are the early signs of pregnancy

Expecting women often wonder about the early signs of pregnancy, and when they start. They also wonder if they can find out if they are pregnant before the next period. Because we in Omooma, are with you all the way, we will answer these questions and tell you about the early signs of pregnancy.

Published on:Dec 20th 2022 |Updated on:Jun 10th 2024
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Early signs of pregnancy

1- Raise the basal body temperature

If you were tracking your body temperature trying to pinpoint your ovulation window, then you notice an increase in your temperature after ovulation is over, this may be an indication that you are pregnant. This temperature increase is your body’s response to the hormonal changes and other physical changes that started to happen because of pregnancy.

2- A heightened sense of smell

Can you smell your husband’s perfume even before he comes in from the front door? Can you tell what your neighbor is cooking for lunch even without talking to her? Congratulations! You may be pregnant; many women experience an unusually strong sense of smell at the start of their pregnancy.

3- Breast changes

Because of the alterations in the levels of Estrogen and Progesterone hormones, many women experience breast engorgement, pain, and discomfort in the early days of pregnancy. Other changes may be a darkened areola.

4- Fatigue

Do you take a quick nap during lunch break at work? Do you feel you need to rest after washing just two cups? Buy a home pregnancy test and take it when you get home, it might come out positive. Your body directs all its energy to your uterus to make it fit to host your baby for the next nine months and to build the placenta that will feed him, this will make you feel tired during the early stages of pregnancy.

5- Changes in vaginal discharge

If your vaginal discharge becomes thicker and more frequent, your pregnancy test may show that you are indeed pregnant.

6- Spotting

It is not time yet for your period, but if you see a few spots of blood on your underwear, don’t panic this is just a welcome sign your uterus is sending to the newly implanted embryo. This light spot also known as implantation bleeding is one of the early signs of pregnancy. The spotting that might last a few days is less dense and is lighter in color than period blood, it usually lasts a few days.

8- Heartburn

If you feel your chest and stomach are on fire after having your morning coffee this may be one of the early pregnancy signs you experience. Your digestive system is affected the most by hormonal changes, you may also experience, indigestion, bloating, and constipation during the first weeks of pregnancy.

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