Husband in the delivery room, yay or nay?

Some women prefer to have their husbands by their side during labor, while others refuse the idea. Sometimes the woman would want for her husband to be in the delivery room, but her family refuses. Is it recommended for the husband to be in the delivery room? What is his role while his wife is in labor? Find out the answers here

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Apr 25th 2022
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Factors influencing the decision

- Culture

Some women refuse their husbands' presence in the delivery room based on their culture, since they believe that the husband must see their bodies in the best shapes.

- Personal convictions

These are the most influential type of factors. These convictions make either the husband, the wife or their families refuse the idea of the man being with his wife while she is giving birth. Therefore, the couple must come to terms with this decision.

- Tolerating the experience

Some men cannot tolerate the sight of blood, needles, or being in a delivery room. So, they faint! This is a very important factor to be considered; the husband’s ability to face this experience.

The importance of the husband’s presence

One of my responsibilities as a doula, while educating women about labor and birth, is to highlight the importance of having the husband there during this special experience. It is worth mentioning that it is recommended that during the journey of educating the pregnant woman about birth, the husband, mother, sister, or anyone the lady wants present in the delivery room, attend as well, to be able to support her properly. During these educational sessions the husband will learn the ways he can support his wife during labor; through breathing exercises, massages, relaxation practices…etc.

The husband’s role in the delivery room

- Offer moral and psychological support to his wife.

- Massage her back to ease labor pain and to ease labor.

- Reminding his wife of the relaxation and breathing techniques.

- To remind her to pray or practice any relaxing religious practice.

- Support her in doing the squatting exercises that ease the delivery.

When is it not recommended to have the husband in the delivery room?

- If he can’t stand to see blood or needles.

- When he has certain beliefs forbidding him from being there.

- If the wife doesn’t want to have her husband in the delivery room.

It is noteworthy that in cases where the husband can’t attend the delivery, it is recommended that someone else approved by the expecting mother, and who received birthing education be there to support her.

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