The Moms Group that Became an Inclusive Community

As mothers, we often need to easily access information, hear about others' experiences, and seek support and judgment-free friendship. Building a community based on common ground and shared feelings is essential. This is exactly what I achieved through founding and managing The UAE Moms Group for nearly a decade. I'll share my experience creating a supportive community for mothers in this article.

لانا قاعاتي
Lana Kaati
Published on:Feb 25th 2024 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Why did I create a Moms Group on Facebook?

I established The UAE Moms Group on Facebook around ten years ago because there was no similar group gathering mothers in the Emirates. This platform allowed them to virtually connect, ask questions, share concerns, and seek help. I needed a support circle and a supportive community where mothers, especially those far from their families and friends, could access the required information and advice. Our virtual meetings eventually became face-to-face encounters during various events and activities throughout the year.


Initially, I didn't face any technical or conceptual challenges, as I had prior experience with a similar group I established in Canada. This group transitioned from being solely virtual to in-person meetings and interactions with people we initially knew only through screens. However, new challenges arose, such as:

Meeting strangers

Face-to-face meetings were the most significant challenge in the early days of The UAE Moms Group. Meeting other mothers, we only knew on Facebook was not widely accepted. Women were not accustomed to getting to know and talking with strangers they met through a virtual group, and there was no existing connection between them. However, this challenge didn't hold back the development of solid friendships that will last forever.

We agree to disagree

Another challenge was the presence of language differences. Since the group was intended for Arabic-speaking mothers, content had to be presented in Arabic. I faced the challenge of finding Arabic information, as the sources I consulted were mainly in English. Also, variations in dialects and differences in Arabic writing abilities among group members sometimes posed difficulties. However, we adapted to reading questions and comments in various Arabic dialects over time, fostering openness and integration among mothers from different Arab countries.

Etiquette of online communication

One significant challenge commonly observed in any online group is misunderstandings that can escalate into heated discussions. This was indeed an issue in The UAE Moms Group, but this phenomenon gradually diminished due to increased awareness among mothers about proper online communication etiquette. Since the group is limited to members in the UAE, there is a common ground that helps avoid misunderstandings. I preferred a limited number of members to ensure harmony and prevent widespread misunderstandings during discussions. As the group's manager, I intervene when discussions become heated to reconcile opinions, and if dialogue is ineffective, I resort to closing comments or deleting posts, causing arguments.

Topics that matter to mothers

Mothers thirst for information and a desire to share experiences on various topics, from motherhood and pregnancy to childbirth, breastfeeding, marital life, and even cooking and laundry. This is especially true for mothers who have relocated to a new country and need a wealth of information and guidance, along with the opportunity to hear experiences on various subjects.

As social beings, whether women or men, we prefer hearing personal experiences from others rather than obtaining them from a search engine. Especially in the early days of the Moms Forum Group, Arabic content was scarce online, making motherhood communities the preferred destination for those seeking information and experiences.

Presence of experts

I always strive to host experts, whether existing group members or external professionals, to answer questions, provide advice, or participate in virtual or face-to-face meetings to interact with mothers and share valuable insights from their respective fields. This is done to increase awareness, provide accurate information directly, and dispel any misconceptions that might be circulating.

Sometimes, it can be challenging for experts to continuously respond to questions through the group due to their busy schedules. Therefore, it's crucial to organize the presence of experts during specified times or share their social media accounts for ongoing interaction.

The Moms Group as a source of friendships

This group has been and continues to be a source of several friendships for me and many other mothers in the community. The questions and discussions revealed shared experiences and emotions among mothers who initially connected virtually, ultimately becoming close friends.

In conclusion, The UAE Moms Group has evolved into a supportive community that addresses the unique needs of mothers in the UAE. It has overcome initial challenges and continues to foster connections, friendships, and the exchange of valuable information among mothers in the region.

لانا قاعاتي
Lana Kaati Motivational Speaker and Career Coach

Lana is a mother of two and a graduate of McGill University in Canada. She is the founder of UAE Moms, a social community group that connects expat women living in the UAE and supports them through motherhood. Lana is also a parent counselor and a social responsibility ambassador.

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