Steps to Help Moms Return to Work

Mothers often have to leave their jobs and dedicate time to caring for their children. When a mother decides to return to work, she may encounter some challenges. In this article, I will share my experience of returning to work after several years of focusing on motherhood. I'll also provide practical tips to make the transition to professional life less stressful.

سحر الخطيب
Sahar Al Khatib
Published on:Feb 20th 2024 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Steps To Take Before Returning to Work

1 | Choosing the Right Time

A mother needs to return to work when the time is right, which can vary from one situation to another. Returning may be driven by financial commitments or a personal and emotional need to re-enter the workforce.

2 | Career Path Decision

One crucial question is whether the mother wants to return to her previous job or explore a new career path. If returning to the last job, evaluating her current status and identifying any necessary updates, such as renewing licenses (especially in medical fields) or staying informed about industry developments and obtaining new certifications, is essential.

3 | Networking

Maintaining previous work relationships is crucial. Staying in touch with former colleagues through occasional messages or social media is essential. Even without connections, rebuilding relationships with former managers and colleagues can open doors to opportunities.

4 | Participating in Professional Events

Inquire about any relevant events or conferences related to the desired field. Attending such events provides the opportunity to build new connections and stay informed about job opportunities.

5 | Announcing the Intention to Return

Informing family, friends, and professional contacts about the desire to return to work can provide valuable suggestions or recommendations for available positions.

6 | Updating the resume

It's crucial to update the resume and seek professional assistance if needed. Mothers should not be discouraged by any gap in their work history but instead focus on showcasing the skills and experiences gained during their time away, such as volunteering, language courses, or personal projects.

7 | Volunteering and Training

Even without financial compensation, volunteering or training in relevant institutions related to the desired field is an invaluable opportunity to showcase and acquire new skills and experiences.

Exploring a Different Career Path

If a mother is considering a different career path:

  • Determine if the new field aligns with personal passion.
  • Evaluate the professionalism in pursuing this passion and work on developing it.
  • Seek relevant training and development opportunities to enhance skills in the new field.
  • Establish a structure for the future career or entrepreneurial venture, offering services, workshops, or projects.
  • Collaborate with others and avoid adhering strictly to the entrepreneur or employee template. For example, collaborate with existing businesses rather than establishing an independent venture.

My Personal Experience in Returning to Work

Sharing my journey, I worked for several years in a field related to my university studies, specifically in medical laboratories and analysis. I then took a break to dedicate time to raising my children. When I decided to return to work, I chose to shift my focus to personal development and coaching. This journey involved enrolling in various courses, obtaining certifications, and becoming a certified life coach. I gained practical experience by offering free coaching sessions, participating in coaching groups, and conducting free workshops with reputable organizations.

Returning to full-time employment took over six years. I received various job offers related to my previous specialization but declined them as I was not interested in returning to that field. During this time, I also generated income through my projects, offering paid consultations and sessions. It's important to note that this period coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented opportunities for online courses and skill development.

In Summary

Based on my personal and professional experience, here are my summarized tips for mothers: Seek opportunities systematically and avoid randomness. Stay Alert and base decisions on scientific and professional foundations. Leave your comfort zone and pursue roles that challenge and inspire personal growth. Look for a position where continuous learning is possible and acknowledged.

Returning to work after a hiatus may seem challenging to some, but these years are not wasted. They contribute to acquiring skills and experiences that qualify and assist in obtaining desired positions.

سحر الخطيب
Sahar Al KhatibProfessional Development Coach

A mother of three and a Professional Development Coach at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Sahar holds a degree in Medical Analysis and Laboratories, a field in which she worked for many years before shifting her focus to human development and skills training. She has received the Business Incubator Award from the Abu Dhabi Social Contribution Authority (Maan) for the 'Family Lounge' project for community development. Sahar has a special passion for working with the youth and mothers, helping them unlock their highest potential.

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