9 Ideas to Strengthen the Bond Between mom and Newborn

Building a connection with your newborn is one of the most beautiful early steps in the journey of motherhood. These are enchanting moments that will remain in your memory forever. Despite the beauty of these moments and these experiences, they may only sometimes come naturally. Some new mothers might feel guilty if they don't sense an immediate strong bond with their babies. In this article, we've summarized some ideas to help you enhance your connection with your newborn, making this critical phase smoother.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Aug 7th 2023 |Updated on:May 10th 2024


Should I Feel a Strong Bond with My Child from the First Moment?

There is no one correct answer for everyone. While every mother loves her child and is willing to sacrifice everything for them, sometimes the feelings might not be spontaneous from the beginning. Not feeling a close connection with your newborn does not mean you are a terrible mother. Postpartum is a transitional stage, and you are experiencing something for the first time that will change your life forever. We must not forget the significant impact of pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal changes on mood and emotional state. If you feel a strong bond with your child from the first moment, that's wonderful. If you need some time, that's also wonderful. There's no need to feel guilty, ashamed, or stressed.

The Importance of Mother-Child Bonding

Emotional bonding is fundamental for survival, as it helps the child build a secure base of emotions, acting as a foundation for their emotional and mental well-being. When you and your child have a strong bond, they will feel confident, knowing you're always there when they need you. A strong mom-and-baby bond gives children self-confidence and supports their psychological and emotional growth.

Ideas to Strengthen the Mother's Bond with the Newborn

Look into Your Child's Eyes During Feeding

 Feeding moments are about nourishment and an opportunity to enhance your bond. Embrace your child, gaze into their eyes during this magical time while they become accustomed to your scent, feel the safety of your heartbeat, and look into your eyes to understand that you are a particular person in their life. These gazes will remain etched in their memory forever.

Massage Your Baby

 Baby massage has endless benefits, the most important being that your gentle touches on your baby's body provide comfort and bring them closer to you. You'll feel happiness and contentment when you see your baby smiling and enjoying this pampering.

Make Your Baby Your Top Priority

 In the first few weeks after birth, try to detach from everything around you. Put your phone aside and focus your attention on your child. Giving your baby your undivided attention will strengthen the bonding and help you become more accustomed to each other.

Practice Skin-to-skin

 Ensure the room is warm, undress your baby, leaving only the diaper, and hold them against your body. This magical method, known as skin-to-skin, helps with milk production, encourages breastfeeding, soothes the baby, alleviates postpartum blues, and is guaranteed to increase the bond between the mother and the newborn.

Respond to Your Baby's Crying

 Disregard the myths that direct responsiveness to a baby's crying will lead to spoiling them. In the first months of their life, a baby needs to feel secure, and responding to their various needs is the best way to make them feel safe and enhance their bond with their mother.

Read to Your Baby

 It's never too early to start. I started reading to my children from the earliest weeks after their birth, and today they're adolescents who adore reading, and we share a strong bond.

Go Out with Your Baby

 You don't necessarily have to travel or embark on an adventure with your baby. Taking a stroll in the park or going to a café is enough for your baby to feel your presence everywhere, at all times.

Use Music

 Whether you want to sing to your baby or listen to soothing songs and music with them, it will enhance your bond and contribute to their emotional and mental growth—more on the benefits of music for babies in this article.

Talk to Your Baby

 Now that you're on maternity leave, spending long hours at home with your baby, talk to them about anything and everything. Children adore hearing their mothers' voices; they're accustomed to this sound from their time in the womb. You'll find yourself being a devoted listener, attentively listening to all your stories without boredom.

Dear first-time mother, you love your baby, and your baby loves you, even if you don't realize or feel it immediately. Give yourself time to apply these ideas; you will strengthen your bond with your baby.


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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
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