Questions to ask your pediatrician on the first visit

First times are always exciting, but for new moms, they can also be overwhelming. This is the first time you are taking your newborn to the pediatrician, and you must be nervous and wondering what you should ask the doctor. Don’t worry you got this mama, and we are here to guide you. Check out these questions so that you make the best of the first visit to the pediatrician.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Dec 4th 2022 |Updated on:Jun 10th 2024
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When is the newborn’s first doctor visit?

This visit usually takes place when the baby is between 3 to 7 days old. Most parents take the baby to see the doctor one week after birth. Usually, it is the same pediatrician who has examined the baby after birth. But if this is not possible you can choose another one.

How to choose the best pediatrician for your baby?

The pediatric doctor is not just any doctor, many families consider him or her as part of their child’s well-being journey. Your newborn might see this doctor until he or she is 18, so choose wisely. Here are some criteria that can help you choose a good doctor for your child:

1 - Education: the medical school attended and place of medical residency.

2 - Experience: years and type of experience.

3 - Proximity to your house: sometimes you will need to see the doctor as soon as possible, you don’t need to spend an hour just commuting.

4 - Insurance coverage: choose a doctor within your network, it can be expensive to pay out of pocket for pediatric care.

5- Reviews from other families.

What to ask the doctor during the first visit?

- How to calm a crying baby?

- How many hours of sleep does a newborn need every day and night?

- Should I wake my baby to feed? If yes, how often?

- How much breast milk or formula does the baby at this stage need?

- How can I treat my colicky baby?

- What to do about a baby becoming gassy?

- How often do I need to change my baby’s diaper?

- How often does the newborn baby need a bath?

- Should I give my baby water?

- Can I give my baby herbal teas recommended by my grandmother?

- How can I care for my baby’s umbilical cord stump?

- How can I care for the baby’s circumcision?

-What should I do about my newborn’s jaundice?

- Which vaccines does my baby need to take now?

- How can I handle the side effects of the vaccine?

- Is my baby’s weight and height on the healthy scale?

- Is my baby healthy?

- When should we come for the next check-up?

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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
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