Best maternity hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Expecting moms are always looking for comfort during the most important step in the motherhood journey: Birth! Therefore, finding a good maternity hospital, that cares for the mom and baby is one of the pregnant’ s women’s concerns. As your companion all the way, we in Omooma have put together this guide to help you find the best maternity hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

Published on:Oct 16th 2022 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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How to choose the appropriate maternity hospital?

- Choose a hospital close to your house. You don’t your birthing story to start with” I gave birth in the car!”.

- Check with your health insurance which hospitals are included in your network.

- Pick a hospital where your doctor can practice and deliver your baby.

- Check the hospital’s readiness for any emergency, such as the availability of a NICU.

- Inquire about the hospital’s protocols and check if it is a mother and baby-friendly hospital.

Saudi Arabia is the home of many hospitals offering the best medical treatment and care in different areas, especially in women’s health and maternity. Below is a list of the best maternity hospitals in the kingdom to choose the one that suits you.

Best Maternity hospitals in Jeddah

- Dr. Samir Abbas hospital

One of the city’s renowned hospitals and among the first to successfully offer fertility treatments and IVF. It is still the go-to trusted hospital for expecting moms who are looking for excellent care and comfort.

- International Medical Center

With several international accreditations and certifications under its belt, this hospital stands out as one of the top maternity hospitals. It has a women’s health center that has an excellent experienced medical staff, in addition to the most recent technologies that ensure high-quality care during labor and birth.

- Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

One of the most trusted names in health care in the kingdom. Therefore, many expecting moms choose this hospital for delivery. To get the best care they and their babies can get.

- Saudi German Hospital

This hospital is part of the biggest private hospital group in the Middle East. It has a robust legacy of high-quality medical services. Therefore, many mothers trust this hospital for their birth experience.

Best maternity hospitals in Riyadh

- Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospital

A name that inspires trust and comfort in health care. Therefore, many women in Riyadh prefer this excellent hospital for delivery.

- Victoria hospital

With a slogan like “We treat you like a queen” who doesn’t want to give birth here? This hospital offers excellent and luxurious medical care, provided by the best medical staff who tend to all details.

- Saudi British hospital

This hospital has one of the best medical teams in the city. So, if you are looking for a comfortable, safe, and luxurious maternity hospital, this hospital must be on your list.

- Dallah Hospital

Another stop for expecting moms in Riyadh who are looking for a safe and comfortable birthing experience. Dallah hospital has a long history of providing great quality medical care, which let it earn its place on the list of top hospitals in Riyadh.

Best maternity hospitals in the Eastern region

- Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospital

It is considered one of the eastern region's best hospitals for mothers and babies. It has one of the best medical teams and medical technologies to offer the best medical care for mom and baby for a great birth experience.

- Al Mana Hospital

This excellent hospital is part of one of the largest and oldest medical groups in the region. Is a source of trust for all expecting moms, because of the quality of the medical care and services it offers.

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