Intercourse postpartum: all you need to know

After you give birth, and your body started to gradually return to its previous state, you start thinking of resuming your life as it was before delivering your baby. One of the most burning topics new moms wonder about is intercourse! When is intercourse postpartum possible? What to expect about sex postpartum? The answers you are looking for are in this guide.

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Oct 2nd 2022

 When is intercourse possible postpartum?

It is recommended to wait 4 to 6 weeks before having sex postpartum, even if the bleeding stops. To ensure complete recovery of the vagina, especially with vaginal deliveries and episiotomies. Waiting a few weeks is essential to lessen the pain from intercourse.

What are the physical and emotional changes postpartum that can affect intercourse?

- Vaginal dryness.

- Breast pain due to breastfeeding.

- General discomfort, due to baby blues, or postpartum depression.

- Self-image alteration, because of physical changes post-pregnancy.

- Postpartum discharge, that might cause a foul smell.

Is painful intercourse postpartum normal?

A little pain and discomfort are normal when having sex after childbirth. The amount of pain is different depending on the vaginal delivery, and the extent of the episiotomy incision and vaginal tear. Even with c-sections intercourse can be a little uncomfortable. It is essential not to leave these pains untreated, to not have sex associated with pain and discomfort which might affect your marriage. Lubricants help in relieving vaginal dryness and pain during sex postpartum.

Medical consultation

Medical consultation and assessment postpartum are essential before resuming sexual intercourse after childbirth. A midwife can be also helpful in consultation, assessment, and in offering guidance and advice as well.

Waiting is fine!

Dear new mom, give yourself enough time to recover after giving birth physically and emotionally. Don’t rush into having sex, and don’t feel pressured especially if you are experiencing pain or wasn’t ready emotionally and mentally to resume your sex life with your husband. You can still have mutual pleasure even without intercourse.


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