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Nicole El Sayegh

Nicole El Sayegh

Psychomotor Therapist & SEN coordinator / Certified Trainer

Experienced Therapist & Certified Trainer with hands-on experience and a history of working in the educational field, the SEN industry, and the Early Years Consultancy. Practicing for almost 14 years with a trilingual approach in the Middle East region. Currently, based in Dubai and working as a therapist and trainer at Wonderful Minds for Rehabilitation & Training Center, located in Abu Dhabi. Holding dual master’s degrees in Education focused on School management & another Master's in Psychomotor Therapy from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut. Specialized in Family Guidance, Montessori Education (0-6 years), and Professional Training. Involved in educational program development, project design, and management, with a wide experience in Early Years Institution Management. Skilled in Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention, Curriculum Development, SEN program design, learning disabilities (assessment and therapy), training, and Public Speaking.

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