What is Love? And how should we celebrate it?

Once again, businesses promote another occasion by selling flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and many other merchandises. But is this how love should be celebrated? And what is love exactly? Read on to find out a different perspective on love.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Feb 11th 2024 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
ما هو الحب

The different forms of Love

Loving our families 

The family is the nucleus of human existence; when we care for, love, and support other family members, a family will grow strong and positive and positively affect society and the rest of the country.

Marital Love

The love between a husband and wife is the foundation for a loving family and a healthy, robust society. The love between husband and wife is often portrayed with rings, flowers, romantic getaways, and candlelight dinners.

When, in fact, love in a marriage can be displayed a hundred times every day through different acts that are not pink, red, or shiny but that are warm and affectionate, such as:

  • Letting your wife sleep in after having a rough night with a newborn is a display of love.
  • Bringing her coffee to bed is a statement of affection.
  • Taking the kids out and letting her have some alone downtime is proof of care.
  • Supporting your husband while studying, working, and being there when he needs you is a strong statement of affection.
  • Listening to your spouse and giving advice is true love.
  • Supporting your wife’s career and academic aspirations is a significant proof of affection.
  • When you support your wife during pregnancy and postpartum you are saying I love you but in a more meaningful way.
  • Couples standing together and supporting each other in the face of the diffeent life's hardships are the true embodiement of storng love.
  • Telling your wife that you understand her and that you are there for her are stronger statements than I love you!
  • Easing your husbands pain is one of the best manifestations of love. 

One of the most beautiful love stories I have read is the story of The Prophet Mohammad’s love for his first wife, Khadija. Khadija was older than the Prophet; peace be upon him, and he used to work for her! Nothing is more progressive and feminist in 7th-century Arabia than this couple. She was the first to believe that he was the messenger of God; unconditional trust and support reflect true love; he consulted her in everything, and this trust and the fact that he could find refuge with her is genuine love. He was heartbroken and devastated when she passed away and remembered her years after she died with affection and nostalgia. This story didn’t get to us as a fairy tale but to set an example about how love in marriage should be.

Loving your community

Caring for a community, which is an important pillar and a core of society, is essential. When we support people in our community, we want a high level of selflessness and love for others, a necessary pillar of a healthy and sane society.  

Loving your country

It is an innate feeling and emotion that humans must belong to and love where we are from. Our countries are the home where our memories and loved ones are created. One of the hardest things a person has to endure is being forced out or being made to leave their birthplace and homeland.

To sum up, love is a beautiful feeling that is pure and warm; most of the time, it keeps us going and has many manifestations other than the commercial ones.


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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul HaijaHead of Content in Omooma

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