10 Ideas for romantic evenings at home

One of the many challenges many couples face after becoming parents is not finding enough time for each other. Romantic evenings become a memory from the past because mom and dad are busy caring for the newborn, and it might not always be possible to get have babysitting options from a nanny or family members. We piled some fun ideas for romantic evenings you can spend at home with your husband to rekindle your love this Valentine’s Day.

Published on:Mar 7th 2022 |Updated on:Apr 10th 2024
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Steps to ensure the success of your romantic evening at home

1 - Plan ahead

Write down the idea that you want to apply, and plan a few days before. If there are supplies you need to buy, order them online to save time and effort, and not go shopping with a baby.

2 - Tell your husband

The element of surprise is more intriguing and more seductive, but you are new parents who are very busy. So, it is best to agree on a time and date that suits both of you. Send him a calendar invite and make sure to add the big event to your calendar as well.

3 - Be flexible

With a newborn, no matter how much planning you put into anything, there might be a surprise you didn’t anticipate. Be flexible and be prepared for any changes that might occur on your planned evening to avoid any disappointment. Remember you can reschedule the evening in a day or two, the important thing is that eventually, you will get that quality time with your husband.

Ideas for romantic evenings at home

1 - Candlelight dinner

Prepare his favorite dish, decorate your dining table with romantic candles and other décor items as in five-star hotels. Put on your prettiest outfit, don’t forget to do your hair and makeup for the special occasion. When you send your husband the dinner invitation ask him to wear your favorite outfit. Put the baby down to sleep and have a nice candlelight meal with your husband. This simple experience will bring you closer, connect you together, and bring you quality time together without leaving your house.

2 - A walk down memory lane

Put together a short presentation including some of your and your husband’s old photos and videos. And when the baby is asleep, relive those lovely memories together. Whether they are shared memories or memories before you met, this kind of sharing experience will not only give you quality time together but will also encourage you to share and talk in an emotionally stress-free setting.

3 - Romantic movie night

Send your husband some choices of your favorite romantic movies (most men don’t like romantic movies) so give him room to choose. Make some cinema-style popcorn, turn off the lights and watch a movie together like in the old days. In this experience, you will relive warm intimate feelings without leaving your baby at home.

4 - Camping in the living room

Camping is one of the best experiences that is filled with adventure and excitement that brings couples closer together. But it is hard to do with a newborn, don’t worry you can still camp at home! Get a nice tent suitable for your living room, and decorate it with some lights for a romantic effect. Have some camping gear present for a more genuine experience. Snuggle with your husband under the tent as if you are camping, while your little one sleeps in the next room.

5 - Stargazing

You must miss spending some romantic time with your husband under the moonlight watching the star. You can do that on your balcony or backyard. Have some hot chocolate while you watch the stars together, without leaving the house. Don’t forget to have the baby monitor close to you all time for more peace of mind.

6 - Playing a game

Games are the best mean of communication, play a card or a board game, or even a video game. Instead of feeling left out while he is playing a Play station game, play with him and watch your romance being rekindled in a fun way.

7 - Dance

Put on your fancy clothes and look your best. Be ready to rock the dance floor in your living room. With this exciting fun idea, you will both have a great time, and the sparkle of love and passion will be lit again.

8 - Prepare a meal together

The kitchen might be the last place to come to your mind when it comes to romance. Yet you will be surprised by the effect preparing a meal or a dessert has on romance in a marriage. Food preparation has passion, it is an experience where you can communicate and laugh, which makes it one of the best intimate experiences a couple can share.

9 - Do a puzzle

Doing a puzzle requires sitting for a long time while focused on the task. Which makes it an excellent opportunity to communicate and get closer to your husband. It will also encourage you to collaborate to finish the puzzle, collaboration is a key skill that all parents need.

10 - Have a long talk

Turn on some soft music, dim the lights, and have some snacks and a hot drink available. And just sit and talk to your husband without any restrictions, encourage him to speak and share, be a good listener, and urge him to be a good listener as well. Sharing makes an excellent friendship, an excellent friendship is the cornerstone of love and the way to endless romance.

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