Smoking, pregnancy, and breastfeeding: what you need to know

Smoking is one of the worst habits for your health, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In this article, I will highlight the negative effects smoking in all its forms has on pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Waed Abujoudeh | Registered Midwife
Waed Abu Joudeh
Published on:Nov 15th 2022 |Updated on:Jan 10th 2024
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Effects of smoking on reproductive health

- It might delay your attempts to conceive, as it may cause Polycystic ovaries, and affect female and male hormones as well.

- consuming cigarettes, vaping, and hookah negatively affects male and female fertility.

- It also affects mental health since it causes irritation, sleeplessness, and mood swings.

Can a pregnant woman smoke? 

It is essential to stop any type of smoking immediately from the beginning of your pregnancy. You also must avoid negative smoking and not be around other smokers. Below are some of the major harms this harmful practice causes to pregnant women.

- It might be one of the causes of ectopic pregnancies.

- When you smoke your appetite is affected, which may cause malnourishment for you or your baby.

- Studies have shown that babies born to smoker mothers have smaller heads and weigh less.

- It can be the cause behind fetal deaths, and abortions.

- It might cause preterm labor.

What happens to your baby if you smoke? 

- Children who were exposed to smoking while in the womb are more likely to have difficult tempers.

- They are also more prone to lung diseases, infections, and coughing.

- It  also negatively impacts children’s growth, overall health, and cognitive abilities.

Breastfeeding and smoking

- Smoking decreases the milk supply.

- Breastfeeding moms who are exposed to cigarettes, vaping, or hookah, are more prone to irritation, sleep problems, and mood swings that can affect their emotional bond with the baby.

- The harmful substances found in all types of smoking can get to the baby through the milk, harming his health.

Prioritize your health, and the health of your fetus or baby, and stay away from all types of smoke consumption.


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Waed Abujoudeh | Registered Midwife
Waed Abu JoudehRegistered Midwife

Waed holds several academic degrees in midwifery and medical care for women and infants. In addition to several years of professional experience in hospitals in Jordan and the UAE. She also holds a great passion for helping women through all the stages of their motherhood journey

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