Personality quiz: Are you ready to become a mother?

Becoming a mother is a major milestone in every woman’s life. It is also the biggest transformation your body, mind, and whole life will go through. Do you ask yourself whether you are ready or not? Are you worried that you might not be, and that the time is not, right? Ease your uncertainties and find out if you are ready to become a mother through this short quiz.

Published on:Mar 7th 2022 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
هل أنت مستعدة لتصبحي أماً

1 - How do you act around other people’s kids?

A- I love children and I enjoy their company

B- I play games with them, and we have so much fun.

C- Children make me nervous I don’t know how to handle them.

2 - What is your financial situation?

A- We have an excellent income and enough savings.

B- We are aware of the financial requirements of having a child and we are well prepared.

C- We are barely making it to payday, and we have many debts.

3 - How important is your daily routine for you?

A- I am quite flexible I don’t have a fixed routine.

B- I welcome change and can easily adapt to it.

C- My routine is vital I can’t live without it.

4 - How do you feel when you think about starting a family?

A- Happy

B- Excited

C- Anxious

5 - Were you ever asked to babysit for a friend or a family member? If yes, how did you handle it?

A- I am my nieces and nephews' favorite aunt, I love babysitting them. We always have fun.

B- My friends trust me with their children, I have patience and I handle surprises calmly.

C- I can’t look after children they make me uncomfortable.

6 - How do you describe your marriage?

A- Full of love and stability.

B- We are best friends and partners.

C- Unhappy and might end any time.

7 - How do you feel when you walk into the baby section of a store?

A- Like a kid in a candy store

B- I would want to buy everything.

C- I can’t wait to leave.

8 - What is the size of your house?

A- Two-bedroom apartment.

B- Three-bedroom villa with a big backyard.

C- A small studio.

9 - Where are you in your career?

A- I am well established, I can easily take time off or have a flexible schedule.

B- I don’t work I am a housewife.

C- My work is my life it has all my focus and attention.

10 - How does your husband feel about starting a family?

1- Ecstatic.

2- He can’t wait to be a father.

3- He doesn’t want us to have children.

Quiz results

Are you ready to be a mother?

If you answered with options A or B to more than half of the questions then you are in the perfect place in your, marriage, career, and finances and your motherly feelings are warm and healthy. Which makes you more than ready to become a mother.

If you answered with option C to more than half of the questions, it is better to wait and settle some aspects of your life before you decide to become pregnant.

The truth is that if you really want to have a baby and walk down the path of motherhood, you will know it and this is the most important indicator. So go ahead take your first steps into motherhood and let us be there to guide you through it.

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