Contraceptive pills: are they for women only?

There are many choices of contraceptives for women, and men’s choices remain limited. But lately, there has been a lot of news about the male contraceptive pills that are still the subject of research. Will your husband be convinced to take such a pill? Do you think male contraceptive pills are a good choice for contraception? Read more in this article

Published on:May 5th 2022 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
حبوب منع الحمل

Contraception: whose responsibility, is it?

Most contraceptive methods available are targeted at women, with only two major methods targeted for men:

- Vasectomy

A minor surgery where the tubes transferring sperms to the semen are cut and sealed. It is one of the highly effective birth control methods, but it carries some risks and is not very popular.

- Condoms

One of the safest, lowest in cost, and most efficient birth control methods. Condoms are 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy if used all the time there is intercourse. It is a method preferred by many couples.

Contraceptive methods for women:

- Contraceptive pills

There are different types of these pills, depending on the woman’s situation, and whether she is breastfeeding or not. There are Progesterone-Only pills and combined pills.

- Intra-Uterine Devices

There are two major types available of this popular birth control method: copper IUDs, and hormonal IUDs. IUDs can be used for a long time between five and ten years.

- Vaginal ring

A hormonal ring, that works like the birth control pills, and that is changed every month.

- Contraceptive patch

A hormonal patch that is placed on the shoulder and is changed every week.

- Contraceptive injection

A hormone-based injection, the effects of this injection last up to three months.

- Contraceptive implant

An implant that diffuses hormones, and which is placed under the skin for years.

- Birth control sponge

This sponge is inserted into the vagina before intercourse and contains spermicides.

All of these methods have different efficiency levels and different side effects that vary from one woman to another. women’s tolerance of these methods also varies.

Sharing the burden with the male Contraceptive pills

After years of women carrying most of the burden of birth control, there is a possibility men will start carrying it as well. Many local and international newspapers published the news about the latest discoveries made by scientists about new contraceptive methods. There is a lot of talking lately about the male birth control pill. In a revolutionary step in the world of pharmaceutical science, scientists from the University of Minnesota in the U.S announced that they are close to starting clinical trials on the first contraceptive pill for men. Lab research showed that these non-hormonal pills are 99% effective.

This pill reduces sperm production, tests on lab rats showed that these pills are safe and 99% effective in preventing pregnancies. Which led scientists to submit requests to start clinical trials on humans, something expected to start by the end of 2022.

Such approvals and trials need a long time which can be up to a few years. Any new medication needs to undergo several tests and trials before it is approved for production and sale. So, we still have a few years before we see a male pill sold in pharmacies.

Tell us: Do you think your husband would take these pills?

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