7 tips to fight childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity is one of the health hazards affecting the safety and well-being of children of different ages. Although moms often like having a baby who has a healthy weight, and chubby cheeks, they become worried if the baby grows to be an overweight child. Read this article to find some tips to fight obesity in children.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Jan 29th 2023 |Updated on:Apr 10th 2024
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What is childhood obesity?

It is a complex disease and the main symptom is having an unhealthy extra weight, that exceeds the criteria set by the WHO that you can find in this article. Another symptom is having a high BMI which is greater than the 95 percentile of children of the same age. You can find your child’s BMI by dividing the weight over height, if you get 25 or more this means your child is obese.  

Risks related to children’s obesity

Obese children might suffer from several physical and mental ailments such as:

  • Heart disease.
  • Sleep Apnea.
  • Fatty liver.
  • Risks of getting certain cancers such as colon cancer.
  • Being bullied.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Social isolation.

Causes of childhood obesity

  • Genetics

Many obese children are born in families where one or both parents are obese.

  • Behavior

Consuming a lot of processed foods, junk food, and sweets, not exercising, and spending a lot of time in front of screens lead to obesity.

  • Social influence

In many cultures, a chubby child is admired especially during infancy, which can lead to unhealthy baby weight.

How to treat obesity in children?

You can treat childhood obesity by following these practical tips:

  • Lead by example

You are your child’s mirror, he or she will imitate you in everything. Consume healthy foods, reduce consumption of processed and junk food as much as you can, and follow a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients.

  • Involve your children in food shopping and preparing

Take your kids with you when you shop for food, and let them be with you while you cook the family meals. Use these times to talk about healthy food and encourage them to pick healthy ingredients and cook them with you.

  • Encourage physical activity

Exercise is essential to have good physical and mental health, get your child to move, work out and lose that extra weight.

  • Reduce screen time

Don’t allow your child to spend long hours on his tablet, phone, or in front of the TV. Many studies have linked prolonged screen exposure to childhood obesity.

  • Listen to your children

Some children overeat when they are stressed from school, or if they have any other mental or emotional issues. Encourage your child to speak to you to have good mental health, and not eating too much.

  • Find healthy alternatives

Prepare healthy desserts using natural sweeteners like honey, and give your kids healthy snacks to replace chips and candy, snacks like nuts, and fresh and dried fruits.

  • Encourage healthy eating habits

Foster family meal times, remind your children to eat slowly and to chew their food properly. Forbid eating outside too much or eating in front of the TV.

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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
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