7 Hacks to make raising twins easier

Having twin babies is a double blessing and joy. It is also double the effort and time. Therefore, we asked around and got you the best life hacks to make raising twins easier and stress free.

Sarah-Barhoush Presenter at Omooma
Sarah Barhoush
Published on:Apr 27th 2022 |Updated on:Apr 10th 2024
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Raising twins

Tips that make raising twins easier

1 - Smart feeding

It sounds a little bit strange we know, but having twins is the ultimate boot camp for multitasking, so get ready to breastfeed the babies at the same time. Or you can breastfeed one baby and pump simultaneously to save time and guarantee you have extra milk to feed the hungry twins later. Be smart also about choosing your feeding gadgets; get a hands-free breast pump that will allow you to hold your babies or change them while you pump.

2 - Double wearing

You only have two hands, so to hold your twins comfortably, you will need to wear them! Get easily convertible and comfortable baby carriers, wear one baby on the front and one on the back. The carrier will ensure your baby is strapped in safely and comfortably, easing the strain of carrying two babies on your back and neck.

3 - Co-sleeping

According to experts, co-sleeping has many benefits for mom and baby. You will find it even more beneficial when you have twins. Get two co-sleeping cots to put one on each side of your bed or you can have them both on one side. This way getting up for night feeds will be less of a hassle for you and them as well.

4 - Flexibility

Many will tell you to write down schedules and establish routines, things that are considered a challenge even for one baby. So, to reduce stress and to make your life easier, be flexible about schedules and routines, and accept the surprises motherhood throws at you with a smile.

5 - Online shopping

Forget about hitting the grocery store or the mall with two babies. Getting ready alone will take more than an hour. Setting them up in the car seats, then in the stroller, and pushing the stroller with a shopping cart is such a hassle and a strain on you. It might be worth it for a trip to the park where all three of you can benefit from being outdoors, but not for shopping. Online shopping is a blessing for busy new moms. Put the twins to bed and do all your shopping online in less than half an hour.

6 - Smart diaper changing

Instead of sticking to one diaper changing station, to which you will have to carry the babies multiple times a day, have different diaper changing stations around the house, set up with all that you need to change the babies’ diapers. If they both need changing at the same time you and your husband can use these stations and have the twins in fresh and clean diapers simultaneously.

7 - Get help

You are a superwoman and a supermom you CAN do it all, but you don’t have to. Make sure that your husband is on board and that he is prepared to help. Sign up together for parenting classes during your pregnancy to learn more about caring for your babies. Or hire a nanny whether it is on a part-time or full-time basis, an extra set of hands is very useful to have around to help with raising twin babies.


Sarah-Barhoush Presenter at Omooma
Sarah Barhoush Presenter at Omooma

Sarah is a single mother of four lovely children. She is Lebanese from Beirut; she holds a degree in business marketing and is currently the lead presenter at Omooma. Sarah is passionate about media and its role in giving women a voice to express themselves. She believes that Motherhood is the most critical, difficult, joyful, and wonderful role a woman plays in her life.

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