When to give babies solid food?

New moms are usually eager to give their babies solid food, they see this milestone as a major growth sign for their little ones. Therefore, they have many questions, such as: When to give babies solid food? Can starting solids be delayed? What are the healthy foods for babies during the first year? Find out in this article.

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Top questions about baby feeding

When to give babies solid food?

Solids can be introduced to infants at six months of age. It is essential not to delay introducing solid food more than that, to prevent the baby from having any nutritional deficiency, especially iron deficiency.

What are the best foods to start with?

These are the top solids I recommend new moms try with their babies first:

– Baby rice and baby cereal can be mixed with breast milk or formula.

– Ready-made baby food.

– Boiled vegetables or fruit.

– Fat-free fine minced red meats.

I highly recommend to moms introduce new foods to their babies four to five days apart. To monitor the baby’s reaction to new foods, and watch for signs like diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting.

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Solid food to avoid with infants

To protect the baby’s health from any severe allergic reaction, I recommend avoiding these foods with infants.

– Honey

– Orange juice

– Salt

– Raw eggs or mayonnaise containing raw eggs

– Sugar

– Nuts

– Coffee and tea

– Sparkling water and sodas

Tips for moms when introducing solid food to a baby

– Serve new foods every four to five days, to observe the baby’s reaction to new food.

– Mixing solid foods with breast milk or formulae, instead of juices or any strong flavors.

– Washing fruits and vegetables very well before preparation.

– Serving only pureed foods to avoid choking.

– Avoid processed foods with unnatural ingredients.

– Avoid allergens such as nuts, honey, and cow’s milk.


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