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Introduction to solids


Medical and nutritional information, in addition to practical tips, to ensure this step is easy and pleasant for you and your baby. Find out the signs of your baby’s readiness for solids and how to care for his teeth and overall health at this stage.

  • 10 videos from medical experts
  • 21 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Nutritionist, Pediatrician & Pediatric Dentist
  • Arabic, English
  • One month access

In this course offered by our pediatrician, and nutritionist, you will get all the information you need about babies’ nutrition. You will learn when to introduce solids to an infant, the signs of your baby’s readiness for solids when to feed him, and how many solid food meals a baby needs at every age. You will learn how to balance solid foods with breast milk and formula, through a schedule to organize these different feeds. You will get detailed medical information about a healthy baby's diet. You will also learn the harmful foods to avoid with a baby and allergy-causing foods.

Find answers to the following
  • 1Why do babies need solid food?
  • 2Is my baby ready for his first meal?
  • 3What is the best feeding schedule for babies?
  • 4How can I balance solids and breastfeeding?
  • 5What are the foods that can cause allergies?
  • 6How can I take care of my baby’s teeth?
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Allergens and other foods to avoid

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Ratings & reviews
Zahra Waleed

Before watching this course I didn’t know anything about giving solids to an infant. At least now I have an agenda with food and what to give to my baby!

Rita Emil

After watching this course, I realized how dangerous some foods are for infants. This course is a must-watch! It can save your baby’s life.

Marwa Hosni

I want to breastfeed until my baby turns two years. I was so confused when my baby started eating about when to give him breastmilk. This course helped me to keep breastfeeding even after giving the b...

Elham Ali

There are so many misconceptions about food that this course taught us about! We never received such scientifically proven advice from anyone, this is a goldmine.