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Fertility and ovulation


Medical information from top experts in their field on everything related to fertility and ovulation, to make your journey through conception and family planning easy and without any stress.

  • 25 videos from medical experts
  • 131 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by OBGYN & Fertility Expert
  • Arabic, English
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Our fertility expert will offer you all the information you need about fertility. Starting with your period’s effect on conception, identifying the ovulation days, and ways to enhance fertility. You will also learn about the different contraception methods, and the right time to stop them before trying to get pregnant. You will be introduced to the most recent fertility preservation methods. You will also get information on infertility issues, their causes, and the latest fertility treatments. You will also get tips on successfully getting through fertility treatment as a couple.

Find answers to the following
  • 1How does age affect fertility?
  • 2What are the ovulation days?
  • 3How can we increase fertility?
  • 4What is egg freezing?
  • 5What are the types of birth control and how can I choose the best for me?
  • 6What are the symptoms, causes, and treatments for Polycystic ovary syndrome?
  • 7What are the latest fertility treatments available?
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Increasing fertility

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Rawan Mohammad

I was trying to get pregnant, but I had no idea how to calculate the ovulation days, especially with an irregular period. I was too embarrassed to ask, and I was too busy to go see a doctor. This cour...

Safiya Salem

I recommend that any couple trying to have a baby to enroll in this informative and detailed course. You don’t need to have a fertility issue to watch it. It will give you information that you never t...

Rana Fares

I am 34 years old and not married yet. I was worried that I won’t be able to have children if I keep delaying marriage. This course opened my eyes to fertility preservation, something that is never ta...

Fatima Suleiman

My mom told me to never take the pill if I ever want to have kids. My older sister told me to stop it six months before I want to get pregnant. My friends’ experiences were different. So imagine the c...