What causes Irregular periods during puberty?

Puberty for girls also means receiving a monthly visitor. This isn’t always a smooth experience; some teenage girls complain of irregular periods during puberty. What causes menstrual irregularities in young girls? And how is this condition treated? Read on to find out.

Published on:Dec 22nd 2022 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
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 When do we consider periods irregular?

Periods can occur every 24, 28, or 30 days. However, if they occur at unequal intervals like once after 42 days and the next one after 36 days, or it stops for two or three months, then periods are considered irregular.

What causes Irregular periods during puberty?

Irregular periods are a normal part of puberty. This phase of puberty might last for two years after a young girl’s first period. Consider this as a transition between your daughter being a little girl blossoming into a young lady. Usually, there is nothing to worry about. But sometimes there are causes for this irregularity such as:

1- Taking certain medications.

2- Excessive exercising.

3- eating disorders, consuming very few calories, or excessive eating.

4- Hormonal imbalance.

5- Thyroid issues; hypo or hyperthyroid.

When to see a doctor about a young girl’s irregular periods?

1- If her period lasts for more than one week.

2- There is extensive bleeding.

3- Spotting between periods.

4- Painful cramps and lower back pain.

5- Period cessation.

Treatment for Irregular periods during puberty

1- If the doctor finds a physical anomaly like hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, or Polycystic ovaries syndrome, he or she will set a treatment plan that includes medication.

2- Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding obesity, or being too thin.

3- Following a diet rich in natural elements while avoiding processed foods as much as possible.

4- Moderate exercise.

5- Relax, take calming walks, or do yoga.

6- Get enough sleep.

7- Take natural supplements recommended by your doctor.

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