Raising girls: 10 tips for raising a strong and happy girl

Raising girls is not a burden, as our grandmothers used to say; instead, it's a delightful responsibility. You're raising an essential pillar in society and a future mother. So, it's crucial that you nurture her to be strong and, at the same time, happy to contribute to building a positive, balanced world. This article offers practical and proven steps to raise strong, happy daughters.

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Sep 4th 2023 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
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Tips for raising girls that are strong and happy 

Don't Treat Her Differently

Parenting starts from the first moments you hold your daughter after her birth. Don't treat your little girl differently than how you have treated or would treat your son. Both boys and girls need the same level of care, love, and attention, and your interactions with them should never differ. One of the fundamentals of instilling confidence in girls is always treating them fairly.

Encourage Her to Express Herself

Never silence your daughter when she shares her opinions and feelings, accusing her of being rude or talkative. You're her haven, and it's crucial she never feels harshly judged by you when she speaks candidly. Reinforce the basics of speaking respectfully and politely, and always encourage her to share what's on her mind and heart openly. After all, strong women were once outspoken little girls.

Listen to Her

Whether she's sharing something that worries her, scares her, makes her happy, or simply recounting the events of her day, no matter how trivial they may seem, listen to your child. Always encourage her to speak with you without fear or hesitation. This is an initial step in raising girls who are straightforward and honest. It also enhances their trust in their parents and makes them feel loved and cared for by both mom and dad.

Let Her Choose Her Clothes

I know you see your daughter as your little doll and want to dress her in the prettiest pink dresses, but giving a girl the freedom to choose from an early age is essential for building her self-confidence and decision-making skills. If her clothing choices align with your family's values and respect your religious beliefs, let your little girl wear what she wants: a flowery dress or comfortable sportswear.

Offer Her Various Toy Options

Girls love playing with dolls and treating them like children; this comes from their natural maternal instinct. But they also enjoy puzzles, blocks, and intellectual games. Don't limit your daughter's interests to dolls alone; offer her a variety of toys that develop diverse skills. Who knows? These games might ignite a passion for science in her, and she might become an astronaut, an aeronautical engineer, or a geneticist, contributing to finding cures for complex diseases.

By following these steps, you're not just raising a daughter; you're shaping a future woman who will be strong, happy, and capable of contributing positively to society.

Encourage Healthy Habits

A strong and happy girl is a healthy one. So, instill healthy habits in your daughter from a young age. Be a role model and encourage her to eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, and regularly engage in physical activities. Learning these habits at a young age will stay with her for life.

Encourage Physical Activities

Physical exercise is a fundamental pillar in raising girls. When your daughter engages in a sport she enjoys, it will significantly boost her self-confidence and promote healthy habits, ensuring she stays healthy throughout her life. If she loves individual sports like karate (experts recommend encouraging girls to practice self-defense sports), also encourage her to participate in team sports like basketball. Often, women face challenges in teamwork and collaboration; team sports can instill in them the spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork, skills essential for success in any field.

Encourage Reading

A strong woman or girl is an educated reader because knowledge is power! Give your daughter this power from a young age and get her into the habit of consistently reading. This will broaden her knowledge and culture, develop her skills, and significantly boost her self-esteem.

Give Her Responsibilities

Don't spoil your little girl or be too harsh on her. Treat her with a balanced approach and continually offer her unconditional love. Assign her responsibilities appropriate for her age and abilities. Start by making her responsible for putting her toys away when she learns to walk and end with her preparing a meal for herself and the family when she reaches college age. Taking responsibility is essential for success, happiness, a strong personality, and self-confidence.

Strengthen the Father's Role

A father is every girl's first love. When a girl receives love, trust, and support from her father from a young age and throughout her life, she will grow up to be a confident woman who knows the meaning of genuine love and won’t fall for lies from young men around her. Encourage your husband to spend quality time with his daughters and to tell them daily that he loves them and finds them beautiful. This will satisfy their needs and prevent them from easily believing any stranger who offers them such affirmations.

Raising girls is a responsibility, but it's not more complex or complicated than raising sons. Enjoy this journey; undertake it without stress and with all the love and tenderness. You are raising the mothers of the future and an essential pillar of society. Always be a role model, be consistently present, and offer love, hugs, and support.


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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul HaijaHead of Content in Omooma

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