The women behind Omooma

As we are celebrating international women's day and almost a year of Omooma, we are dedicating this article to give an homage to all the women who made Omooma a reality. Many men worked hard to make this project a success we appreciate each one of them, but today we celebrate women 😊

Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul Haija
Published on:Mar 7th 2023 |Updated on:Apr 10th 2024


Sarah Barhoush

We call her our super mama, a single mom of four, and the lead presenter in Omooma, a vital member of the production team, who worked incredibly hard since day one on this project that means a lot to her as a mother, a woman, a media, and marketing expert. We appreciate every second she is giving to Omooma, her incredible insight, and her contribution

Sarah-Barhoush Presenter at Omooma 

Dr. Cherifa Sharaf

Not only is she a top expert who contributed tremendously to the video and written content to Omooma, but she is also a true advocate for women, she is a strong believer in the necessity of raising awareness about all the topics related to women’s overall health in general, and reproductive health in particular, and is constantly dedicating her efforts to this despite her busy schedule as a doctor and an educator. We can always rely on Dr. Cherifa for educational content that helps women.


Dr. Bohaira El Geyoushi

One of the lead experts in fertility and reproductive health in the region, Dr. Bohaira is a passionate educator who cares about women’s health, fertility awareness, and safe practices. When Dr. Bohaira talks about medical issues, not only she does it based on years of experience and knowledge she does it with care and passion.

منصة أمومة 

Karine Chahda

It is an absolute pleasure listening to this young lady speak about women’s health as she does it with incredible passion and care. Karine is a Midwife who sees herself as a woman’s lifelong companion through her journey in womanhood and motherhood, from puberty to menopause we can always rely on Karine to provide us with the best information women need.


Sally Al Beer

A restless advocate for breastfeeding and a true supporter of women in this beautiful and challenging experience. Sally, a young mom who once struggled with breastfeeding, is dedicating all her effort to educating, raising awareness, and supporting women during their breastfeeding journey. Sally’s video and written content on Omooma is a true asset for mothers.


Nisreen Nemer

Nisreen is a mother and a doula who wants women to have positive birthing experiences, she is dedicating all her work to be not only a doula who is there during labor but also an educating companion who supports women and families in this amazing journey.


Dr. Adba Frangieh

A mother, a doctor with many years of education and experience, and a believer in the need to raise awareness of women’s health issues. Dr. Frangieh’s articles on Omooma are true eye-openers for everyone who reads them. 


Dr. Marwa Yahfouf

A mother and a doctor, who doesn’t see herself as a healthcare provider but as an advocate for young children’s health, a supporter of families, and an educator who gives back to society through easy-to-understand content about babies and children’s well-being.


 Rama Kanj

An ardent advocate for women’s and children’s mental health, Rama, a young mother, provided Omooma with enlightening videos and written content about mental health during the pre-pregnancy stage, pregnancy, and postpartum to great insight on parenting. 


Nicole El Sayegh

An expert in her field, Nicole is very passionate about children’s development and works hard not only to support children but to help parents and educate them about everything related to children’s growth and development.


Yousra Diab

Everybody just loves watching Yousra’s videos on Omooma and reading her insightful articles. She is passionate about having women accept their constantly changing bodies and is constantly helping them reach calmness and fitness through her Yoga practice.


Maya Hammoud

Moms who watched Maya’s classes and read her articles on Omooma felt that they are finally getting the realistic advice and guidance they needed about children’s and babies’ sleep, as it was coming from a passionate expert and a mother like them.


Dr. Rafif Tayara

Beautifully taking away the pain associated with the word dentist, Dr.Rafif is an avid advocate for moms' and children’s oral health who enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with parents like herself through video and written content on Omooma.


Dr. Dana Hamwi

A doctor and a nutritionist who is a true believer in the role of nutrition in our overall health as children and adults. Dr. Dana provided Omooma with great video and written content that our users enjoy daily.

منصة أمومة 

Manal Al Haj

A joyful and light-hearted character Manal is a true supporter of women through what she does best: raising awareness on skin and beauty issues to help women look and feel their best.


Dr. Nilly Shams

An expert who provided amazing content on women’s nutrition featured in our Menstrual cycle course available free of charge on our platform.  


Mimi Raad

The image consultant to the stars believes a woman can look great no matter when pregnant, just had a baby, lost weight, or gained weight, she is here providing insightful content to help women be happy about how they look and dress.


Lama Al Safadi

Lama’s content supporting women’s mental well-being was enlightening for girls and women who watched her videos, we are thrilled to have a passionate expert like her in our ranks.


Waed Abu Joudeh

A midwife with years of experience, she saw many women suffer throughout the years of experience due to the lack of knowledge, therefore she is putting all her efforts into raising awareness to help women have safe pregnancies and postpartum periods.


Sawsan Hamzeh

A mother, and a passionate educator who is always happy to provide content to support mothers in their parenting journey. In her articles offered to Omooma, she speaks about parenting with joy, love, and positivity which makes her the number one supporter of parents, children, and teenagers as well.


Nisreen Shawwa

Nisreen supports women and mothers with her camera that helps them capture moments and turn them into eternal moments of joy to document the pregnancy and motherhood journey most beautifully.


Nadine Abu Zant

Just mentioning “Supporting women and mothers” in front of Nadine is enough to spark this young educator’s passion for helping through positive content. We love having Nadine’s articles on our blog, her content is of great help to young moms.

منصة أمومة 

Lara Ali

A mom and a fashion designer who wants to always help women look great. When we told Lara that we needed articles to guide women on what to wear during pregnancy and postpartum, she was not only welcoming she also provided amazing articles that helped many women dress beautifully.


Marwa Ghazzawi

A young mother, and a parenting educator who knows exactly the emotional burden of parenting, therefore she is providing content to support mothers to help them parent with love and stay positive no matter what. 


Mariam Zeineddine

A passionate young mother who believes that with storytelling and sharing experiences moms can support each other. Always providing us with stories and experiences from her motherhood journey to help other mothers.


Fatima Hamid

Omooma’s Head of Marketing and the glue that holds everything together. This young professional is not only a hard and dedicated employee who has been carrying Omooma since day one, she is a passionate advocate for women and mothers everywhere. She pours her heart, soul, and all her energy into her work we couldn’t have done it without her.


Amira Naja

This young mother is the super creative force behind Omooma’s imagery and overall layout, if your jaw drops when you open our website this is the magical touch of the creative manager who worked with passion, talent, and dedication to making the designs for this young project.


Ibtihal Bakhti

A vital member of the production team, a valuable asset to the Omooma team, and a hard-working and talented young woman who supported Omooma’s content since day one. Ibtihal worked with passion and dedication until Omooma’s content saw the light 


Hendra Nehme

A creative soul and a dedicated hard-working professional who played an important role within our marketing team to promote Omooma’s message and content, by managing our social media platforms and interacting with our users and followers on daily basis


Niveen Bahloul

A young mother and a hardworking marketer, who helped Omooma collaborate with top-grade influencers, while in the early days of our brand.


Yasmine Abu Ghazaleh

A young and talented marketer that joined Omooma in its early day, and helped set up our social media accounts, as well as introduce us to our now loyal followers and users.  


Marwa Bani Huthail

A young mom and talented content writer who is mixing her motherhood experience with great research and content writing practices to provide Omooma with high-quality articles that help mothers on their daily path, to be true to them all the way 

منصة أمومة 

Nauras Abul Haija

Editor in Chief and the content lead in Omooma, a mother of three and a hard-working professional who has been dedicating all her effort and time to Omooma since the beginning. A true believer in the importance of education and an advocate and supporter of women and mothers everywhere.  


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Nauras Abul Haija Editor in Chief
Nauras Abul HaijaHead of Content in Omooma

Nauras is a mother of three, and the Head of Content of Omooma platform. She holds a master’s degree in French language and literature from the USA. She studied French following her passion for languages, she speaks 6 languages, 4 of them fluently. Before dedicating her career to creating and Marketing content, her professional experience included secondary education, higher education, translation, editing, writing, and managing web content. She has a great interest in all topics concerning motherhood and raising children, with a special passion for education.

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