The Magical Helmet That Reshaped My Newborn's Head

The newborn's head and the magical helmet this isn't a fantasy bedtime story, but a personal experience I had with my firstborn baby. He was born with hematoma, and we had to use a therapeutic helmet to overcome it. I want to share this experience with a positive twist for other mothers who might benefit from it.

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Karine Chahda
Published on:Feb 8th 2024 |Updated on:Mar 10th 2024
تعديل رأس المولود الجديد

Motherhood from the Other Side

I am a certified Midwife, a prenatal courses instructor, and a lactation consultant. I've spent years caring for women at various stages of their lives, witnessed hundreds of newborns, and assisted their mothers in caring for them. So, I thought I would be entering motherhood from the professional league, no surprises, as I was fully prepared.

But motherhood, this deep sea with secrets we can't fully comprehend, brought me the most beautiful gift any woman could receive: my firstborn 😊 The birth wasn't easy; here I am, the one who helped other women through labor, facing a difficult delivery. Still, by the grace of God, my beautiful baby boy was born healthy and well. However, I sensed something was amiss when I looked at his head.

Pediatricians in the hospital and my colleagues assured me that he had no health issues. But what about the shape of his head? It was flat at the back with a bulge on one side. I asked, "No need to worry. There could be some pressure during passage through the birth canal, but it will improve in a few days," the consistent response.

I returned home without the reassurance they asked of me. I was confident my instinct was on point, and his head shape was abnormal. I persisted in seeking opinions from several doctors until I received the conclusive diagnosis: a collection of blood known as cephalohematoma, causing a calcified cephalohematoma, altering the shape of my newborn's head over time.

 رأس المولود قبل وبعد

The Magical Helmet for Correcting the Newborn's Head Shape

To correct the bulge in my son's head, we used a therapeutic helmet called Cranial Orthosis. It's a somewhat costly treatment but successful in adjusting the shape of newborns' heads, especially those with flat head syndrome. The treatment lasts about three to four months, and by the end, the newborn's head shape is wholly adjusted, requiring no further intervention.

خوذة لتعديل رأس المولود

The mother's instinct

A mother's heart is the most accurate guide. Always listen to a mother's intuition, whether she has medical knowledge or not. She knows her child's health best. Dear mothers, trust your instincts and advocate for your child's health. Get the proper diagnosis and treatment for your child. Your child's health and well-being are responsibilities you can care for and nurture.

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Karine ChahdaMidwife Nurse

A new mom and Licenced Midwife, she holds a degree from the Lebanese University. Karine worked in the NICU unit at St. George University Hospital in Beirut. Then, she worked as a Midwife in the same hospital for five years. She joined the maternity ward at Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi in 2021. Karine has a great passion for her role as a Midwife; she believes it is a blessing from God to witness the miracle of life born from another life. She thinks nothing is more beautiful than witnessing this miracle daily through her work. Karine believes that each of us has a specific role in life. She sees her role not as a job but as a vocation where she can assist others, and she is grateful for this blessing.

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