Best stretch marks products

Stretch marks are one of the unwelcomed side effects of pregnancy, that many women suffer from. These marks vary in color and form, but luckily there are many treatment options available on the market to reduce them. Find out about the best stretch product marks available in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Published on:May 16th 2023 |Updated on:May 10th 2024
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What are stretch marks?

This is a common condition that affects 80% of pregnant women, they occur due to the stretching of the skin that happens because of the growing belly and the weight increase. Hormonal changes during pregnancy also help in causing these marks. Pregnancy stretch marks are usually red or purple and tend to become lighter after birth.

Can they be prevented?

Some steps have shown success in decreasing the chance of stretch marks appearance, such as:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding sudden and excessive weight gain.
  • Staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water and following a diet rich in water and healthy fats.
  • Using products that help prevent the appearance of these marks from the early days of pregnancy.

Best products to prevent stretch marks

Anti-Stretch Mark Cream by Sebamed

Sebamed products have always topped the lists of mom and baby products around the world. This cream has the moms’ seal of approval due to its great moisturizing effect, and efficiency in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

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M-Foliacti Stretch Marks Preventing Cream by Pharmaceris

If you are looking for a stretch marks cream that is recommended by dermatologists and gynecologists, and which contains active ingredients that moisturize the skin and increase its strength, this cream is your perfect choice. This product is made from safe ingredients that are effective in minimizing the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.

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Best stretch marks products in Saudi Arabia and the GCC

Specialist Skincare Oil by Bio-Oil

We can’t talk about high-quality skin care products without mentioning Bio-Oil. It has the moms’ trust for different uses, it has also proven efficient in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, especially when used from the beginning of the pregnancy, and is used consistently. It has vitamin A-derived ingredients, that are known to improve the skin’s appearance. Keep a bottle in your bathroom and one next to your bed and apply it on your belly and breast after showers and before bedtime for best results.

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Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Marks Massage Lotion by Palmer's

Who doesn’t love Palmer’s products? The sweet smell of cocoa butter, the main ingredient in Palmer’s products, adds pleasure to the beneficial value of using these high-quality products. This amazing lotion contains shea butter, and Argan oil and is found in most households where a pregnant mama lives. Women keep using this lotion after birth too for its moisturizing effect and the reduction of stretch marks.

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Maternity Stretch Marks Cream by Mustela

This amazing product earned its place on this exclusive list. It is quickly absorbed so you won’t have to worry about it leaving stains on your clothes. It highly moisturizes the skin with its effective ingredients such as avocados, and shea butter giving your skin the strength and flexibility needed to fight the effects of pregnancy.

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Stretch Marks Therapy by Mederma

This product which is rich in hyaluronic acid provided great results after a few weeks of consistent use. The manufacturers are so confident of its efficiency that they are selling it with a money-back guarantee if you don’t see any improvement. Up to date, no known refunds were made.

كريم لتشققات الحمل

Natural Caring Oil by Eucerin

This lovely product is made from a mix of highly-effective natural oils, that have proven to be successful in preventing and reducing the appearance of pregnancy-related stretch marks. It is safe to use during pregnancy and after birth.

كريم لتشققات الحمل

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