Nutrition tips for fasting breastfeeding and pregnant women

In case a breastfeeding or pregnant woman decides to fast during Ramadan after being cleared by her doctor, and breastfeeding consultant. A fasting pregnant or breastfeeding woman must receive adequate nutrition. In this article, I am sharing the top nutrition tips for fasting breastfeeding and pregnant women.

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Dana Hamwi
Published on:Apr 11th 2022 |Updated on:Jun 10th 2024
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Nutrition tips for fasting pregnant women

What a pregnant woman needs to eat for Iftar and Suhoor

- In the case of a pregnant woman who fasts, it is essential that she drinks enough water every day. In addition to having a healthy soup every day. Oatmeal can be added to regulate blood sugar and avoid constipation which is very common in pregnant women. I also recommend having a salad containing all the seasonal vegetables available, with a healthy dressing, and chia seeds for more nutritional value, dietary fibers, necessary minerals, and Omega 3.

- Yoghurt is essential and must be part of the pregnant woman's diet in Ramadan as it is an important source of Calcium, Proteins, and probiotics. It is essential to have an additional source of Protein for Iftar and Suhoor.

- The most important nutrition tip for fasting expecting mothers, is to have several small meals, between Iftar and Suhoor and to avoid having large meals. And to avoid fried foods and other oily meals to prevent any digestive issues.

- Another tip is to have a healthy snack that consists of fruits and nuts. A fasting pregnant mom can also have deserts prepared in a healthy way, such as milk pudding, or rice pudding as a good source of Calcium.

- It is essential to avoid juices and sodas, and replace them with Laban.

- Cutting Caffeine is also important. I recommend having only one to two cups of either coffee or tea, and to avoid adding sugar as much as possible.

Foods to avoid when pregnant

- Raw food like raw eggs, mayonnaise, and Sushi.

- Canned foods.

- Soft unpasteurized cheese.

- Drinking too much coffee or tea.

- Liver.

- Tuna fish and other types of fish containing Mercury.

- Cinnamon.

- Unwashed vegetables.

- Artificial sweeteners.

- Some OBGYNs recommend not having too many dates, to avoid having early contractions.

Recommended foods for breastfeeding moms in Ramadan

As for food to avoid, they are the same foods mentioned above, to avoid during pregnancy.

In the case of a breastfeeding mother fast, she needs to:

- Drink enough water 8-12 glasses a day. And one additional glass after each feed.

- Add Avocados, as they are a beneficial addition to be included in the daily diet as part of the Salad or with eggs at Suhoor.

- Have fresh fruits and Salad.

- Consume rich Calcium foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, almonds, lettuce, and figs whether fresh or dried.

- It is essential that a fasting breastfeeding mom, consumes several small meals between Iftar and Suhoor, to nourish her body with the nutrients she will lose during breastfeeding.

- I also recommend having a banana every day as it is a great source of Magnesium that a breastfeeding mom needs, and which she loses during breastfeeding.

Nutrition tips to ease fasting for pregnant and breastfeeding women

- Having Iftar and Suhoor.

- Drinking enough water.

- Getting enough sleep.

- Avoiding consuming caffeinated drinks.

- Avoiding juices, sodas, and other Ramadan drinks.

- Healthily preparing food, without added fats or excessive salt.

- Following up with the doctor and taking the prescribed supplements.

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Dana HamwiClinical Dietitian

Dr. Dana Al-Hamwi, a specialized nutritionist, received her Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Damascus and earned her master’s degree specializing in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield in the UK. Dr. Al-Hamwi is a member of many professional societies including the British Nutrition Society, North American Association for the Study of Obesity, and Damascus Medicine Association. She is practicing at Dr. Dana Diet Center and Dubai London Clinic. With a reputation for results in a short time. She has a legacy of more than 1000 success stories from around the world. Dr. Dana believes that the proper nutrition is the key to overall health, this belief is what fuels her passion to helping others.

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