Why involving children in choosing gifts matters?

Prophet Mohammad – Peace be Upon him - taught us that gift exchange among Muslims is a means of purifying hearts and an excellent way to get along, reject quarrels, and appreciate others, as in the hadith of the Messenger - Peace be Upon him - which Al-Bukhari reported, the Messenger of God, said: "Give gifts to one another and you will love one another." The Messenger - Peace be Upon him - would accept the gift and encourage gifting, as stated in the hadith narrated by Aisha - may God be pleased with her - who said: “The Messenger - Peace be Upon him - would accept the gift and reward it.”. Let us teach our children and raise them on the valuable Sunna’s of the Holy Prophet, which bring joy to the hearts of their friends. Hence, involving the child in choosing valuable and meaningful gifts for others is essential.

Published on:May 30th 2024

How to involve children in choosing gifts for others

1| Give options

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to involve your child in choosing gifts for others. Start by asking the child what gifts he likes and does not like and what gifts he thinks others would like. Encourage him to think creatively and consider the recipient's interests and hobbies. Is the gift he will give useful to the recipient? Does he need it? Does this gift give the child a sense of pride when presented to the recipient? This process can bring immense joy and satisfaction to your child as they see the happiness their thoughtful gift brings to others.

2| Help with the cost

Give your child a budget and allow them to choose an appropriate gift. By giving them a budget and allowing them to select a gift, you empower your children to make independent decisions. You also teach them the importance of setting a budget, managing their financial affairs, and making the right decisions responsibly. This process can foster a sense of responsibility and independence in your child, preparing them for future financial decisions.

3| Expressing feelings

Explain to your child that it is a way to express their love and appreciation for the recipient. Let them help wrap the gifts, make the gift card, and explain why it is a special gift.

All these points make your children appreciate the gift more and encourage them to make reasonable and appropriate choices, which helps their growth and social development.

The importance of a personalized gift

When children receive a handmade card, for example, from their parents or a friend, they are more likely to cherish it and remember the effort that went into making it than if they were given a gift card from a store. This shows that the unique effort and sentiment that goes into handmade gifts make them more meaningful than mass-produced gifts.

Also, if a family member gives a child a handmade doll, the child will likely cherish it more than a store-bought doll because the child knows it was made with care and love by someone dear to them who put time and effort into it.

By understanding the effort involved in selecting, purchasing, and wrapping a gift, children can gain a sense of appreciation and value that can last a lifetime.

Giving a personalized story with the child’s name can leave a lasting and unforgettable impression on the recipient child's memory. Children love to read about heroes who look like them and imitate them, which indirectly instills in them moral and positive values ​​and behaviors.

The “Kitabyana” stories make the child the hero, as he sees his name in all the scenes in the book. The multiple options that can be customized for the child’s character add a magical element that will undoubtedly spark his imagination and make reading more enjoyable for him. Furthermore, you can help your child customize a story as a “gift” to a distant cousin or friend and send it to him anywhere in the world!

“Kitabyana” stories improve children’s language skills. They use age-appropriate vocabulary and attractive story-telling techniques to enhance reading and teach Islamic values ​​and some supplications. Our company is also concerned with positive values ​​based on Arabic and Islamic cultures and instilling and promoting ethical standards.

Giving children gifts can be essential to their social and emotional development and building positive relationships. The experience of choosing and customizing the gift helps reinforce good Islamic values. There are many occasions to celebrate and exchange gifts, including religious, social, and heritage.

Overall, receiving gifts can have long-term emotional and social benefits for children. On the same level, parents must think of thoughtful and meaningful gifts for their children.


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