Pregnancy bundle

Yousra DiabCherifa SharafKarine ChahdaIbrahim BaltagiRama Kanj
with 8 experts

Learn about pregnancy symptoms, its stages, the changes that your body and mind will go through, how your baby develops inside your womb week by week, the complications you might face and the prenatal care you need to have.

  • 73 videos from medical experts
  • 238 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by 8 Medical Experts
  • Arabic, English
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Bundle overview
In this bundle of courses, you will learn from our experts everything you need to know about pregnancy. Our doctors will walk you through the pregnancy symptoms, its stages, and the changes that your ...
Find answers to the following
  • 1What are the mental and physical changes during pregnancy?
  • 2What are the fetal development stages?
  • 3What foods and supplements do I need during pregnancy? And what foods to avoid?
  • 4What are the possible health issues and how to overcome them?
  • 5Is sex allowed during the first and third trimester?
  • 6What exercises I should do to ease labor?
  • 7How does music affect fetal development?
Ratings & reviews
Niveen Butros

With these courses, I could follow my pregnancy week by week without going to the doctor. I found answers to all my questions and very useful information at a great price.

Shadia Jameel

This bundle of courses was a lifesaver for me. It accompanies me throughout my pregnancy and helped me stay informed, which made me positive and relaxed.

Rahaf Ali

Any pregnant woman must watch this bundle of courses. It is very helpful, and it comes at a much cheaper price than the face to face courses offered at hospitals and clinics.

Courses inside this bundle
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