Getting pregnant bundle

Rafif TayaraYousra DiabBohaira El GeyoushiRashad HaddadNisreen Nemer
with 10 experts

Find out what are the factors affecting your chances of conceiving, including nutrition, vitamins and exercises. Receive the best advice and information from a doctor, a nutritionist, and a financial advisor

  • 50 videos from medical experts
  • 206 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by 10 Medical Experts
  • Arabic, English
  • Unlimited access
Bundle overview
A bundle of courses that will guide you through a very important stage of your motherhood journey. In this bundle, you will learn how to prepare yourself for pregnancy in every way. You will find out ...
Find answers to the following
  • 1How can we Increase fertility?
  • 2What is Egg freezing?
  • 3What is the best Pre-pregnancy diet?
  • 4What are the best Pre-pregnancy financial planning tips?
  • 5Am I eligible for vaginal delivery after a c-section?
  • 6How soon can I get pregnant again?
Ratings & reviews
May Ahmad

I am so glad I bought this bundle, it helped me get ready for my pregnancy and I saved a lot by getting it instead of just a few courses.

Enas Mohammad

I had a thousand questions and didn't have time to go to a doctor, a dietitian, and a fitness trainer while I was getting ready to conceive. This bundle answered all my questions, without having to le...

Reem Said

This bundle gave me comprehensive information on how to get ready for pregnancy, physically, emotionally, and financially as well. It is the best investment I made for my health and my future is buyin...

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