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Pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy after 40: what you don’t know

Pregnancy after 40 is becoming more common, with women getting married later in life. And many women deciding to delay…
Benefits of Music

Benefits of Music during pregnancy for mother and baby

You were told to eat healthy, rest, and take your vitamins. But did you know Music is also as beneficial…
ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy: All you need to know

1 to 2% of pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies, and yet there is not enough information and awareness about this issue.…
فيروس كورونا

Pregnancy and covid: don’t let your guard down

Although we have seen a great decline in Covid cases, pregnant women shouldn’t let their guard down just yet. There…

A guide for the Husband: how to support your wife during pregnancy

Dear husband, a pregnant woman faces several physical and mental changes during pregnancy. And she will need your support and…

Everything you need to know about miscarriage

Miscarriage and the termination of pregnancy is one of the pregnant woman’s biggest fears. Therefore, we are sharing with the…