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Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle

In this section you will find articles on all the topics related to periods and how they affect your path of becoming a mother.

Irregular periods during puberty

What causes Irregular periods during puberty?

Puberty for girls also means receiving a monthly visitor. This isn’t always a smooth experience; some teenage girls complain of…

6 questions and answers about periods

Your period is your faithful visitor, stopping by every month from puberty to menopause. Your menstrual cycle helps you track…
early menopause

Premature and early menopause: all you need to know

Menopause is a key stage in every woman’s life. When is menopause considered early? What are the signs of early…
Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty in young girls: is it serious?

You might feel worried when your little girl starts gradually becoming a young lady, especially if it happens early. I…

PMS: All you need to know

Women and girls experience different symptoms before their periods. These symptoms are collectively known as Premenstrual Syndrome mostly known as…

Menopause: the end? or the beginning?

Menopause is a key stage in every woman’s life. When does menopause happen? Is it the end? Or the beginning…

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