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You will find in this section a variety of articles and guides, providing all sorts of information about breastfeeding benefits, tips to make breastfeeding easier, challenges surrounding breastfeeding and solutions to overcome them.

increase breast milk

Foods and drinks that increase breast milk

Getting enough milk is a major concern breastfeeding mothers have. Nursing moms always look for solutions and recipes to increase…
breastfeeding challenges

What are the top breastfeeding challenges and how to overcome them?

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful stages of your motherhood journey. However, this lovely stage can have its challenges.…

What to eat when breastfeeding to prevent baby colic?

Colic in newborns and babies is very common and rarely concerning. It is however one of the reasons parents, especially…
breastfeed in public

Can you breastfeed in public in Dubai?

Breastfeeding moms have always faced this dilemma: a hungry baby in public! This might be stressful for the mom and…
breastfeeding benefits

What are the breastfeeding benefits for mother and baby?

You must have heard a lot about the importance of breastfeeding. So, what are the benefits of breastfeeding to you…

10 tips to make weaning your baby easier

The last stop in your breastfeeding journey is weaning. Weaning can be hard for you and your little one, therefore…

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