You will find in this section a variety of articles and guides, providing all sorts of information about breastfeeding benefits, tips to make breastfeeding easier, challenges surrounding breastfeeding and solutions to overcome them.


Breastfeeding and going back to work: what no one told you before

Going back to work is a difficult milestone for a breastfeeding mom. But the continuity of your breastfeeding journey even…
Pumping Breast Milk

Pumping Breast Milk: a detailed guide

Pumping Breast Milk might be a part of the breastfeeding journey, or it can’t be present at all. I will…
breastfeeding twins

Top tips for breastfeeding twins

Moms of twins often wonder if they can breastfeed their babies and continue to do so successfully. Breastfeeding twins is…
Nursing strike

Nursing strike: what is it? And how to overcome it?

Have you heard of a nursing strike before? Why do some babies suddenly stop breastfeeding announcing a strike? How can…

Top breastfeeding myths and how to debunk them

New moms are showered by friends and family, with advice and information throughout their breastfeeding journey. Some of this information…
تغذية الحامل

Nutrition tips for fasting breastfeeding and pregnant women

In case a breastfeeding or pregnant woman decides to fast during Ramadan after being cleared by her doctor, and breastfeeding…