Baby Care

Baby Care

Caring for a newborn is not an easy task. Therefore, we included in this section a wide collection of articles on baby care, nutrition, baby sleep, and baby development. To guide you through this important stage of your baby’s life.

emotional needs

What are the psychological and emotional needs of your baby?

Did you know your baby is born twice? He is born out of your womb during the biological birth but…
motor skills

How to stimulate the baby’s motor skills

For the first year of your baby’s life, you will be on the lookout for any new developments. What are…

Covid and babies: All your questions answered

Although Corona virus cases have decreased significantly, we are not completely our of the woods yet. In this article, I…

Expert tips to care for the baby’s first teeth

Those tiny pearly whites that add a charm to your little one’s smile, need a lot of care. When should…
Montessori toys

Benefits of Montessori toys for babies

Montessori is an educational approach named after its founder Maria Montessori. The philosophy of this approach is based on the…
healthy weight

How to determine a baby’s healthy weight

Healthy infants come in a range of sizes. Still, infant growth tends to follow a fairly predictable path. Your baby's…