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Omooma is the first Online platform offering classes in Arabic dedicated for mothers and mothers to be, they cover a great array of topics relevant to parenting. Omooma has put together the largest team of experts available in the region, in all fields related to the journey of motherhood.


Top 10 products pregnant women need

No one needs more pampering than a pregnant mom. Your friends might be wondering what to get you, or what…
breastfeed in public

Can you breastfeed in public in Dubai?

Breastfeeding moms have always faced this dilemma: a hungry baby in public! This might be stressful for the mom and…
hospital bag

What are the contents of the hospital bag for a c-section?

You just found out that you are giving birth through a c-section, and many questions and thoughts are going through…

Omooma on YouTube to entertain and educate

Smile dear, we have great news for you! Omooma is now offering entertaining, educational, fun, and free YouTube episodes to…
medical information

How can you get medical information and guidance?

If you are trying to get pregnant, or you are already pregnant or cruising through the world of baby care,…

The Omooma Podcast: a voice for women’s stories

Every woman has a story while on the motherhood path, and this story deserves to be told and heard. Therefore,…
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